Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.172

New features and enhancements

Receive notifications when your quota of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) units runs low

We want to make sure that monitoring of your applications’ digital experience isn’t stopped due to your license running short of DEM units. Dynatrace Managed now notifies you when you’ve consumed 90% of your licensed DEM unit quota. With this approach, your cluster administrator can pro-actively adjust your licensed monthly or annual DEM unit quota. See example notification below, stating that 90% of the allotted DEM units have been consumed

DEM nearly exhausted

Once the quota limit is reached, the notification changes, letting you know that DEM has been disabled:

DEM license exhausted and DEM disabled

Once the quota has been adjusted, notifications for all affected users are removed automatically. Note that these notifications are only triggered for DEM licenses. Notifications for other monitoring unit types, such as host units, custom metrics, and Log Analytics, will be added in future releases.

Configuration changes are now listed in audit log files

Transparency and traceability of configuration changes are key to managing large Dynatrace installations and enabling multiple teams to collaborate effectively. Dynatrace provides a set of audit logs that help you understand all configuration changes that have been made to each Dynatrace cluster.

Dynatrace Managed already exposes configuration changes via the Cluster Management Console. As of version 1.172, all changes made to a cluster configuration or an environment setting are stored to an audit log file. This enables processing by log management tools or automated scripts so that proper notifications can be set up.

Audit logs are stored at the cluster nodes where system changes are executed. To see the complete picture of all changes that have occurred across all nodes, you need to process audit logs from all nodes. Audit logs are available on individual nodes at DATASTORE_PATH/log/server.

In Dynatrace Managed 1.172, we introduce yet another set of audit logs: Configuration changes. See the audit log example below that shows a change of maintenance window:


2019-06-20 04:49:09 UTC {"eventType":"CONFIG_UPDATE","tenantId":"xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx","userId":"unknown","userIdType":"USER_NAME","userOrigination":"unknown","sessionId":null,"identity":"ConfigIdentifier{configType=ONPREM_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES, identifier=ONPREM_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES}","identityCategory":"CONFIG_UPDATE","success":true,"timestamp":1561006149672,"message":"{\"jsonPatch\":\"[{\\\"op\\\":\\\"replace\\\",\\\"path\\\":\\\"/scheduledAutomaticUpgradeTime\\\",\\\"value\\\":1561006149661}]\"}"}

Audit logs open up a whole new set of use cases for custom notifications with log monitoring tools. We’ll describe some of these use cases in an upcoming blog post.

Improved cluster resilience and lower disk space requirements

Dynatrace can optimize the processing of monitored data to improve scaling, automatically control performance of OneAgents, or enable new features when all running OneAgents versions are capable of supporting them. From now on, Dynatrace will independently adjust its configuration to enable these features.

Based on OneAgent activity for the past 30 days, the configuration is adjusted for each monitoring environment that runs on your cluster. Additionally, OneAgent installation packages that are no longer in use will be removed and the disk space will be freed up (which means that earlier OneAgent versions won’t be able to connect or send data).

Other improvements

  • To improve cluster resilience and shorten upgrade time, Cassandra and Elasticsearch will only be restarted in case of configuration changes or binary upgrades. During the upgrade to Managed version 1.172, only Cassandra won’t be restarted
  • We now use standardized HTTP response codes for more robust downloading of update packages sent via URL in email notifications
  • Manual upgrade using --upgrade now upgrades all components including NodeKeeper
  • 3rd part libraries and dependencies were updated. See the THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt file available at each node's root installation directory
  • Elasticsearch has been updated to version 6.2.4 that improves performance and resilience mainly around user sessions
  • License-related email notifications were updated with language fixes and footer content,

See additional steps required for manual update to Dynatrace Managed version 1.172.

All new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS version 1.171 and version 1.172 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.

Resolved issues

122 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)

Installer and Upgrade

  • If a backup path becomes empty e.g. backup disabled, that value is not imported by the installer and it thinks that this path is still set (APM-178070)
  • Critical issue: Nodekeeper upgrade failure should be reported as an error instead of a warning (APM-178273)
  • Misconfigured symlink to /opt/dynatrace/oneagent that points to /opt/dynatrace directory might remove Dynatrace installation files (APM-179857)
  • Typos in Managed installation output (APM-180282)
  • Elasticsearch backups failed - path.repo not being populated (APM-184086)
  • Config directory should be added to backup archive creation procedure (APM-184124)
  • Upgrade with custom settings fails if nothing was customized (APM-184256)
  • Cassandra restore is not working (APM-184827)
  • Custom settings should be applied to current version of config files instead of the default one (APM-184936)

Cluster Management Console

  • Groups with no permissions assigned that were colored dark gray are now same color as other groups (APM-177570)
  • Synthetic quota limit for an environment should be hidden if synthetic is not licensed at all (APM-178684)
  • All labels for Log Monitoring upload volume were updated to "GiB" instead of "GB" to mark that base for calculation is 1024 (APM-179461)
  • All disk utilization values in Node details page should be calculated with 1024 base (APM-179539)
  • LDAP group names validation was improved so it supports names with only non-latin characters (APM-179858)
  • Technical Difficulties Page should no longer appear when triggering upgrade manually from UI page (APM-180577)
  • UI pages should now be refreshed even if an error was returned to load the data (APM-181400)
  • Managed cluster expired - warning messages on tenants (APM-184629)
  • When Mission Control was under maintenance all update packages were re-downloaded (APM-181189)
  • Can create synthetic with cluster license set to 0 (APM-174902)

Mission Control

  • When a cluster was down for some time it might have happened that it missed to download some updates. They were downloaded after some time. (APM-179605)
  • When downloading manually update packages from URLs received via e-mail, you can hit HTTP 429 error in case our server is too busy to serve that resource. In that case, try again later. (APM-179986)
  • Synthetic module update packages should not be downloaded in version higher than ActiveGate (APM-178861)


  • Environment ID not appearing in the URL (APM-177194)
  • Citrix PG - type name displays "Other" (APM-177488)
  • Remove beta from AIX oneAgent install page (APM-179761)
  • Hypervisor Details page - "Smartscape view" button sometimes is moved to context menu (APM-177023)
  • New Technology overview: inconsistent wording of custom device groups (group vs. process group) (APM-177094)
  • Technologies Overview page is empty (APM-177491)
  • Issue with downloading oneAgent version 1.167.176 when global settings have a different standard version (APM-177642)
  • [Technologies] TDP after expanding a process (Cannot read property 'Rfc' of undefined) (APM-177697)
  • [Technology] No processes listed after drilling down from CF dashboard (APM-178026)
  • SmartScape - Azure VM link leads to Azure Dashboard (APM-178831)
  • [DB] [B] Investigate high number of queried host instances in StartScreenTileStateProvider (APM-178685)
  • AWS Relational Database Services Connections metric is unusable (APM-178756)
  • Docker images and services tables - broken tab header. (APM-178829)
  • Duplicate AWS credentials (APM-178788)
  • Technology tiles not longer marked as affected (APM-178902)
  • Monitoring overview filter suggestions missing timeframe (APM-179029)
  • Deployment REST API (/agents) returns 500 in some cases (APM-179035)
  • PHP NG always presented as OFF on global settings page (APM-179535)
  • MZ for AWS instances- Dashboard tile do not react of MZ limitations (APM-179766)
  • MZ for AWS instances – AWS account list is empty for limited data (APM-179767)
  • MZ for AWS instances – Access to EC2 instances not blocked (APM-179769)
  • Network overview always says that no network is monitored (APM-179887)
  • NotExistingCredentialsLabelValidator mixes tenants (APM-180296)
  • Monitored technologies: "PHP" (Service insights) switch was turned off after cluster update from 1.170 to 1.171 (APM-180515)
  • Two other validators mix tenants (APM-180833)
  • OneAgent updates: Manually triggering OneAgent update (via webUI) doesn't have an effect (to update to Agent 1.171.x) (APM-180937)
  • HTTP monitor indicates availability issue instead of performance threshold (APM-174306)
  • Synthetic Http Monitor Request body change does not trigger Save Button (APM-177637)
  • While HTTP monitor configuration can not delete all headers from a request (APM-178239)
  • Fixed issue regarding missing edit option for synthetic monitors (APM-177224)
  • Fixed issue where cursor used to jump to end of line when editing recorded clickpath events (APM-178392)
  • Synthetic Problem Root Cause Link is Broken (APM-177201)
  • Alerting profile: Adding tags is very slow, and configuration fails to save (APM-177971)
  • relativeTime=month does not return full moth for problems API (APM-177293)
  • Notifications not being sent according to severity rules in alerting profile (APM-179346)
  • {6.4} Editing and deleting Api token of other users. (APM-179025)
  • Symbolication Service: improved support for 3rd party library symbols (APM-177498)
  • Monitoring via browser extension view incorrectly shows "Waiting for user actions" (APM-179321)
  • Cannot tranfer Application data via transfer button to an existing Application (APM-179305)
  • Improved user session tagging (APM-177162)
  • Minor improvements for the applications/web rest API (APM-177972)
  • Cannot download file via Configuration REST API (APM-176858)
  • Agent Communication Heath Check: remove multiline entry in feature log (APM-179283)
  • Custom metrics licensing: Disable custom metrics overage if Mission Control is not reachable for more than one week (APM-179454)
  • Custom charting of imported appmon metrics doesn't work because of incorrect config handling (APM-177196)
  • API call for anomaly detection failing (APM-179882)
  • AWS dashboard - there is no indicator which service is affected even though tile is red (APM-180175)
  • AWS custom alerts - Alerting scope is not persistent (APM-180225)
  • Heatfield is not working correctly when end timestamp is undefined (APM-180431)
  • WebUI: Linux agent install page: when copy-pasting install command manually contains line break (firefox) (APM-180707)
  • OneAgent updates: Manually triggering OneAgent update (via webUI) doesn't have an effect (to update to Agent 1.171.x) (APM-180937)
  • Because of this issue removed custom devices were still visible on technology overview. (APM-181049)
  • Deploy Dynatrace - Linux: UI glitch using e.g Edge (APM-181172)
  • Repeated "Waiting for server response" error messages when viewing dashboards even though there is a connection to the server (APM-174543)
  • Pin to Dashboard - Empty selection when the user has no write permissions to the dashboard (APM-181194)
  • Allow to test User Session REST Export also while it is disabled (APM-181188)
  • Alerting profile: Adding tags is very slow, and configuration fails to save (APM-177971)
  • Using wrong application id in "Get application baseline" Rest Api call, code 200 is returned (APM-179255)
  • Topology API showing invalid restartRequired values for GET request on all entities (APM-179571)
  • AWS custom alerts - Thresholds values are wrongly displayed on Problem details (APM-180019)
  • API not returning the same data-set every time. Few entries are omitted in some responses but present in other. (APM-181225)
  • FDI2 change point detection: Filtering of service instances with sparse data does not work (APM-181602)
  • Events REST API does not return a custom property (APM-181688)
  • Customer is unable to change the sensitivity for Anomaly detection on service RentalAgreement. Possible UI Bug. (APM-182527)
  • RDS monitoring shows multiple restarts and failovers at the same time (APM-180938)
  • Different timing on the same waterfall on different time frames (APM-179265)
  • AWS credentials are executed on two AGs (APM-179894)
  • {5.0}[DebugUI] csrf possible - no checks of the referer-header/no x-csrf header (APM-142757)
  • OneAgent cannot update due to pending (APM-179355)
  • Affected API: /api/v1/browserextension/config Now the following headers are set: - Cache-control: no-store, no-transform - Pragma: no-cache (APM-180387)
  • Global changes in anomaly detection settings propagate to host level anomaly settings. Use global anomaly detection is disabled by default. (APM-180906)

Code level analytics

  • Request naming rule: Fix "not exists" condition (APM-178060)
  • Transaction Storage: React faster to license changes (APM-178229)
  • Request Attributes: Align length limit for postprocessing test string in UI and backend algorithm (APM-179099)
  • Method hotspots show proper info when no data is available (APM-177690)
  • Service details: The response time distribution chart for service instances now properly handles missing data (APM-178149)
  • Misleading "Not enough disk space" notification when session replay is located on different disk than transaction storage. (APM-178444)
  • Minor UI issues on global request naming settings page (APM-180028)
  • Error detection is not order agnostic for multiple request attribute values (APM-181233)
  • Cloud provider information missing for database services (APM-181530)


  • Fixed validation for uploaded R8 mapping files. (APM-181073)
  • Fixed update of the USQL query in the url every time it is run. (APM-179901)
  • Fixed styling when USQL's pie chart legend labels are too large. (APM-179904)
  • Fixed ordering of USQL's pie chart categories to be descending. (APM-180263)

Session Replay

  • Some browsers are reporting negative coordinates for mouse clicks and scroll events. Sessions recorded under those circumstances can be replayed properly. (APM-178782)
  • Sessions recorded with previous versions could stop working after introducing management zones support for session replay. (APM-177380)
  • The sessions were closed suddenly preventing them from appearing in the session list. (APM-176997)
  • Replay events (mouse moves, clicks, ...) were not visible during session replay. (APM-181113)
  • SVG files loaded by the extension are not being displayed (APM-179500)
  • Playback of inline SVG trees will execute their