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Dynatrace ONE ongoing support & success

We deliver continuous, proactive support to accelerate your transformation and deliver better results faster.

End-to-end guidance across your transformation journey

  • Accelerate adoption of advanced capabilities

    Speed the use of Dynatrace across teams and your organization

  • See transformational value faster

    Innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and change the way you work

  • Develop meaningful relationships

    Partner with a team that understands your personal and professional goals

Partnership that powers better business outcomes

Our team breaks down traditional siloes to ensure your entire organization adopts and gets the most value possible from the Dynatrace platform through:

  • Dtone in product

    Live in-product assistance

    From Technical Product Specialists, Support Engineers, and Customer Success Managers

  • Dtone ongoing expertise

    Ongoing expertise and support

    That accelerates adoption, automation, and value across the enterprise.

  • Dtone success planning

    Customized success planning

    Built around your team, environment, and unique business objectives.

  • Dtone education

    Continuous education

    Through the resources, training, and certification of Dynatrace University.

A deeper, one-to-one experience with Dynatrace ONE Premium

Dynatrace ONE is included for all customers. Upgrade to Dynatrace ONE Premium for an ever more personalized and proactive experience. Our team of skilled consultants delivers ongoing strategic guidance and leadership to drive innovation and continuous enablement.

In addition to Dynatrace ONE services, you’ll get:

  • Designated Technical Product Consultant
  • Strategic Customer Success Manager
  • Strategic business reviews
  • Prioritized support
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Weekly personal coaching and enablement
Dtone services

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