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App Engine


Create and share custom apps that leverage insights from all your observability, security, and business data.

We are using Dynatrace AppEngine to build secure and compliant apps that address the specific needs of our customers while leveraging massive data from their clouds.
Luca Forni CEO, Akamas

Powerful apps built for you. By you.

Deliver answers and drive collaboration across IT, development, security, and business teams with enterprise-grade apps built to meet your unique needs.

Drive data-backed decisions with easy to build apps

Achieve better business results faster by empowering teams with compliant, intelligent, data-driven apps created using an easy, low-code approach.

Leverage your data to drive innovation

Get greater value from the platform with custom apps that leverage your observability, security, and business data to address any BizDevSecOps use case.

Empower secure collaboration and insight-sharing across teams

Collaborate, create, and share causal AI-driven solutions with apps that integrate easily and securely into your systems and environments.

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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

The apps you create run in the Dynatrace environment and automatically meet enterprise requirements like scalability, security, governance, and full lifecycle support.

  • Auto-scaling runtime environment with automated delivery and operations.
  • Enterprise security with built-in capabilities such as secure runtime environment, access control, secrets vault, audit logs, app signing, and more.
  • Safe connections across hybrid multiclouds with EdgeConnect.
  • Full lifecycle support including a rich developer experience to easily create, deploy, and manage apps.

AppEngine in action

Get inspired by these apps to leverage your observability, security, and business data and reimagine what's possible.

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Smartscape Health View

Visualize your applications’ health including app problems, SLO tracking, and security posture.

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Site Reliability Guardian

Proactively meet service level objectives (SLOs) with automated quality and security gates.

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Carbon Impact

Understand and minimize the carbon footprint of your hybrid and multicloud ecosystems.

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