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As a leader in the Digital Performance Management market, Dynatrace understands the pain points of companies today, especially with the need to be cost efficient. Dynatrace is proud to be the only vendor with a pure consumption based pricing model that fits the needs of business today:

  • USD $0.30 per host/hour
  • USD $0.30 per 100 sessions
  • USD $0.30 per 50 web check runs

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  • Only pay for what you use, no long term contracts or commitments
  • Perfect for all industries and company sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises
  • Bring more value to your customers and impact your bottom line
  • Full flexibility, scale as your demand grows

Consumption based pricing equals 216 USD / month for a host running 24/7 a month.
Prices in USD. Different amounts apply for local currencies.


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How do you define a host?

A host is an instance of an operating system, either physical or virtual.

How do you define a session (i.e., visit)?

A session covers any interaction between a customer’s browser and your application. A session includes at least one action. You aren’t charged for bounce visits (i.e., visits that only include a single user action). Sessions end when a user’s browser closes or is inactive for 30 minutes.

What’s a web check?

A web check is the equivalent of a simulated user visiting the homepage of your website. Web checks let you know when your application is inaccessible or when performance has degraded below baseline performance. A web check is not a simple ping, it’s a real browser visit. You can even use the Dynatrace recorder to record a clickpath. Once you’ve captured the mouse clicks and additional user actions that you want your clickpath web check to include, your web check will run automatically at regular intervals to test your site’s availability and functionality. For less than USD $18 a month you can run 5,760 web checks (including a clickpath with multiple clicks)—enough to check your website every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, from 2 selected locations (for example, New York and London).

Can I buy application monitoring or user experience monitoring separately, or do I need to buy both?

Although real user monitoring, application monitoring, and synthetic monitoring are sold as a package, you only pay for what you use. So, if you only use real user monitoring, you don’t even need to install an agent. As long as you don’t inject our agentless RUM JavaScript tag into your webservers (which would generate user sessions) or use synthetic monitoring to measure your site’s availability and performance with web checks, there will be no additional charges.

Do you offer discounts for startups on a shoestring budget?

Yes, we love startups! Contact Dynatrace sales for a quote.

I have a dynamic environment. Will that affect my pricing?

Dynatrace was built with dynamic application environments in mind. We give you all the flexibility you need to monitor your servers on the fly. You only pay for what you use. Nothing more.

What if I decide to cancel, is there a penalty?

If you’re using our pure consumption-based pricing plan, there is no contract to sign and no penalty. You can stop using Dynatrace whenever you wish and only pay for what you’ve used.

Is it difficult to remove Dynatrace from my application?

Removing Dynatrace is easy. We supply you with an uninstall script that you can use to remove all traces of Dynatrace from your servers. Alternatively, you can turn off Dynatrace whenever you want to stop monitoring.

What do I pay for maintenance?

Nothing. Dynatrace SaaS is purely cloud-based software!

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, you can try Dynatrace for free to start, with 1,000 host hours and 50,000 user sessions.

What happens when my free usage period ends?

You’ll be prompted to enter your billing information. Contact Dynatrace sales at any time to update your account and continue using Dynatrace SaaS.

When do I pay?

You’ll be billed for your Dynatrace usage at the end of each 30-day billing period.

Accelerate your digital business with Dynatrace

  • Full featured Digital Performance Management.
  • Available on-premises or as SaaS.
  • Easily covering hundreds of hosts, scaling with your business.
  • Integrate the open Dynatrace ecosystem into your application landscape with plugins and APIs.
  • Perpetual licenses are available, as well as annual plans.
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Digital performance management for web-scale environments

  • Full featured Digital Performance Management.
  • Available on-premises or as SaaS.
  • Built for the world’s largest applications and highly dynamic microservices and container environments.
  • Scales to 100,000+ hosts, millions of visitors, and trillions of events per day.
  • Integrate the open Dynatrace ecosystem into your application landscape with plugins and APIs.
  • Perpetual licenses are available, as well as annual plans. Licensing as elastic as your environment!

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