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Dynatrace pricing

With Dynatrace Platform Subscription, you can access our full platform and leverage easy-to-understand hourly pricing that scales with you.

Full access. Fully transparent.

What's included

Full-Stack Monitoring

List price
per hour for 8 GiB host

Full-stack observability for apps, microservices, and infrastructure in cloud-native environments.

  • APM, Application Observability, AIOps, and all Infrastructure Monitoring functionality included – rolled out to 1000s hosts in minutes.
  • Automatic data collection, continuous full stack instrumentation for traces, code level, deployments, metrics, logs, and more with OneAgent.
  • OpenTelemetry-based distributed tracing, metrics, log ingestion, retention, and analytics.
  • Smart correlation of Metrics, Logs, and Traces in context. Automatic entity model, full topology, & complete dependency mapping with Smartscape.
  • Code level visibility for every request and every process with continuous profiling and analytics.
  • Unlimited AI-Assistance with automatic and exploratory root cause analytics using Dynatrace patented causal Davis® AI.
  • Powerful observability for serverless cloud services running on AWS, Azure, or GCP.
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Infrastructure Monitoring

List price
per hour for any size host

Observability for cloud platforms, containers, networks, and data center technologies with no limits on host memory and AIOps included. 

  • Unified, intelligent, and automated observability for cloud platforms, containers, networks, and data center technologies with any host size.
  • Includes Infrastructure Monitoring, AIOps, and Digital Business Analytics.
  • Unlimited container and network process monitoring.
  • Unlimited AI-assistance with precise root cause determination with Davis®.
  • Simple extensibility with 600+ technology integrations.
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Kubernetes Monitoring

List price
per hour for any size pod

Observability for all your Kubernetes clusters, workloads, pods and more.

  • Out of the box dashboards and health views.
  • Out of the box smart alerting about Kubernetes problems.
  • Unlimited AI assistance with precise root-cause analysis of Kubernetes problems with DAVIS Causal AI.
  • Powerful observability with lowest possible Kubernetes privileges in the market.
  • Simple extensibility to other monitoring capabilities like application observability*, Prometheus metrics, logs, security, and more.
    * Leverage Full-Stack monitoring for Kubernetes application observability. Selectively monitor your Kubernetes apps and get billed based on used memory of your applications.
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Application Security

List price
per hour for 8 GiB host

Continuous application vulnerability and threat analysis with AIOps included.

  • Continuous detection of vulnerabilities across all layers of application stack.
  • Automated risk analysis and impact assessment leveraging security intelligence and runtime context.
  • Davis® AI-assisted vulnerability prioritization.
  • Protection against common attacks on application layer vulnerabilities.
  • One-click enablement with proven OneAgent technology.
  • Comprehensive CISO risk reporting.
  • Detailed, high-quality vulnerability databases.
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Real User Monitoring 

List price
per session 

Real-user monitoring for mobile, hybrid, and single page applications with common analytics.

  • Real-user monitoring for mobile, hybrid, and single page applications with common analytics.
  • Capture the full customer experience across every digital transaction.
  • No sampling of data to give you a complete picture, from the frontend to the backend.
  • Replay individual customer transactions for rapid problem handling (billed as Real User Monitoring with Session Replay).
  • Resolve problems proactively with real-time data.
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Synthetic Monitoring 

List price
per synthetic request

Synthetic monitoring for browser clickpaths, single pages, and APIs. 

  • Leverage a best-in-class network with low latency, high throughput, and high redundancy.
  • Monitor critical workflows without scripting, using a simple web-based recorder.
  • Play back scripted transactions to ensure your tests are accurate.
  • Test business transactions and run them from real browsers.
  • Execute monitors from private locations to track the availability and performance of your internal resources.
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Log Management & Analytics

List price
per GiB (Ingest & Process)
per GiB per day (Retain)
per GiB (Query)

Analyze logs, metrics, and events in the context of traces, topology, and user sessions - with no more schemas or storage tiers to manage.

  • Transparent pricing based on your usage with no hidden fees or additional indexes to store.
  • Easily ingest terabytes of logs from clouds, Kubernetes, or traditional architecture with OneAgent or OpenTelemetry, with powerful processing, parsing, filtering, and masking included.
  • Retain petabytes efficiently and securely in Grail data lakehouse with no schemas or storage tiers to manage.
  • Quickly search, filter, and analyze logs to get instant answers – automatically in context of your topology and dependencies.
  • Split logs into retention buckets that fit your business and compliance needs, from debug to audit, from days to a decade.
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Can I try Dynatrace before I buy?

Yes, start your Dynatrace Free Trial today.

Do I get a discount if I buy a larger Dynatrace Platform Subscription?

Yes, as you commit to more usage, your unit price decreases.

What is Dynatrace Platform Subscription?

Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) is a licensing model where you make a minimum annual spend commitment at the platform level and then consume that commit based on actual usage and a straightforward rate card. Any platform capability can be used in any quantity at any time based on your evolving needs.

Do I get access to all platform capabilities in a Dynatrace Platform Subscription contract?

Yes, Dynatrace Platform Subscription gives you access to all platform capabilities that are generally available when you sign the order form.

How can I manage my consumption and control my costs?

You get complete transparency into your usage through a suite of tools in the Dynatrace Account Management Portal. In addition to raw data, the tools provide forecasting, alerting, and drilldowns that give real-time insights into your usage patterns.

When does Dynatrace charge for overages?

Dynatrace never charges penalty-style overages. Instead, customers who consume more than their minimum annual spend commit can continue to use the platform on an on-demand basis, billed monthly at the same rates as pre-paid consumption. Customers can alternatively increase their commit spend to attain a higher discount.

Why should I sign a multi-year contract if I can use the platform on demand?

You will be entitled to better discounts when you make larger commitments.

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