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Workflow Automations

Accelerate digital transformation with simple yet powerful automations driven by observability and security insights.

By providing advanced observability across our DevOps processes and app delivery pipelines, Dynatrace allows us to see the smoke before the fire starts to burn. We can stop bad code from ever reaching production, so it never becomes a problem.
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Simon Pilar Director DevOps & Toolchain, Clario

Automate and orchestrate
critical processes

Leverage our easy-to-use visual workflow creator or automation-as-code workflow capabilities to see:

  • 61

    greater software quality

  • 58

    higher employee satisfaction

  • 57

    fewer deployment failures

  • 55

    lower IT costs

Turn answers into action quickly
and at scale

Leverage observability and security data to drive Workflow Automations use cases.

Incident triage

  • Automatically create or update tickets and alert the appropriate teams to spare devs from alert storms and false positives.
  • Proactively identify and triage issues with Davis® AI.

Auto-remediation with a closed loop

  • Automatically pinpoint the root cause of incidents and execute remediation workflows through runbook integrations or natively through Dynatrace.
  • Verify issue resolution and update tickets seamlessly.

Quality gates

  • Stop bad quality code in its tracks with quality gates.
  • Ensure code meets your KPIs, SLOs, and security requirements before reaching production, effectively allowing safe, secure, and high-quality releases.

Infrastructure operations

  • Employ predictive analysis to optimize infrastructure sizing by evaluating golden signal performance –ensuring satisfied customers.
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Create custom workflows with AutomationEngine

Our answer-driven automation technology leverages causal and predictive AI to intelligently power BizDevSecOps workflows throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

Automation engine

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