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Security Analytics

Quickly detect, investigate, and respond to threats with intelligent automation.

Unified observability to secure and protect cloud-native applications

Get a head start with automated insights from Dynatrace Security Advisor

  • Prioritize threat hunts for the most critical zero-day vulnerabilities with Davis® AI.
  • Narrow down the scope of investigation with runtime context, including affected entities.
  • Accelerate incident investigation and response with automated attack path analysis.

Respond to cloud security events at scale

  • Investigate cloud security events from any source like CNAPP, CSPM, XDR, and CDR.
  • Reduce large volumes of events to a key handful by using observability context, like public internet exposure.
  • Visualize, categorize, analyze, and automate response.

Turbocharge threat hunting and incident response with Grail

  • Retain logs and security events for years with full observability context.
  • Efficiently find the “unknown unknowns” with queries that span metrics, events, logs, and traces.
  • Fill log data gaps and find indicators of compromise (IoCs) that may otherwise be missed with observability context.
  • Leverage observability data, like traces, to capture recon activity.

Shorten attacker dwell time with security automation and response

  • Leverage notebooks to build reusable playbooks to identify IoCs, reconstruct events, and determine next steps.
  • Implement automated workflows to monitor and respond to future exploit attempts.
  • Be immune to format changes in your logs; precisely extract typed fields with Dynatrace Pattern Language.
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We were receiving over 400,000 AWS security events a day… without context it was hard to know which ones required action. We used Dynatrace Security Analytics to help us figure out which events really mattered. By analyzing and categorizing the events, we identified the 10% of events that required more focus, [and now] we average 2 alerts a day, which get automatically assigned for deeper analysis.
Tobias Aichinger Security Architect, Dynatrace

The Dynatrace Hub: Extend the platform and empower your team

Leverage our library of apps and extensions to secure your cloud applications and see vulnerabilities and attacks in your environment.

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