The Dynatrace platform

Transform faster with analytics and automation for observability and security at scale.
All from the industry’s most powerful unified observability, security, and business platform.

Different by design

  • Contextual

    Contextually analyze data to understand connections and drive better answers.

  • AI-powered

    Predict, prevent, and assist with a unique combination of AIs.

  • Automated

    Automate discovery, analysis, and key business processes.

  • Secure

    Secure data with enterprise-grade privacy and compliance management.

  • Collaborative

    Easily break down silos between teams, tools, and data.

  • Scalable

    Leverage and drive insights from data of any type from any source at massive scale.

Do amazing things with data

Integrate with every cloud, container, and technology you rely on, and build custom apps and automations to support all your business needs.

  • Innovate and collaborate with easy-to-build apps

    Create and share custom apps that leverage insights from all your observability, security, and business data with AppEngine.

    Explore AppEngine Learn how to build your own apps
  • Automate custom BizDevSecOps workflows

    Break down silos and turn data and answers into actions, securely and at scale, with AutomationEngine.

    Explore AutomationEngine
  • Get instant support for your clouds and technologies

    Tap our expanding library of integrations, extensions, and apps, including technologies outside the traditional observability space.

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Automate anything you want

Leverage AI, dynamic mapping, and our first-of-its-kind data lakehouse to bring all your data into context for instant analytics and automation.

Visualize and understand your environment in real time

Automatically identify and map interactions and relationships between apps and the underlying infrastructure with Smartscape, and use that map to enrich and contextualize your data.

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Supercharge productivity with hypermodal AI

Davis®, our revolutionary AI at the heart of the platform, combines predictive, causal, and generative AI to deliver precise answers, intelligent automation, and recommendations, and predict issues before they impact customers.

  • Forecast
  • Determine
  • Create
  • Predictive AI
    Predictive ai
  • Causal AI
    Causal ai
  • Generative AI
    Generative ai

Securely unify and store all your data in context

Unify and contextually analyze your data with Grail™, the only causal data lakehouse with massively parallel processing (MPP).

  • Fast, indexless, schema-on-read storage

    Ingest, store, and run lightning-fast analytics on observability, security, and business data with high performance and at scale.

    All with enterprise-grade data privacy and security.

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Turn all your data into a goldmine of insights

Automatically capture and pre-process data in any form, from anywhere, including open source data sets.

  • OpenPipeline

    Use high performance stream processing to ingest, enrich, and contextualize data for in-depth, AI-powered analytics.

    Explore OpenPipeline
  • OneAgent

    Deploy once on a host and instantly and continuously collect all relevant metrics along the full application-delivery chain.

    Explore OneAgent
  • PurePath

    Capture and analyze timing and code-level context for all distributed traces, end-to-end, across the full stack.

    Explore PurePath

Ingest at scale, across any data type

  • Traces

  • Topology

  • Metadata

  • Events

  • Metrics

  • Behavior

  • Network

  • Threats

  • Logs

  • Code

  • Problems

  • Vulnerabilities

All with simple, transparent pricing

  • Full platform access

    Use any observability, security, AIOps, and automation capability.

    • Use any module in any quantity
    • Scale instantaneously
    • Granular usage data and alerting
  • Simple contract

    Combined commit for the entire Dynatrace platform.

    • Annual spend commitment
    • Volume discounts
    • Flexible hourly pricing
  • No hidden fees

    Same rates for committed and on-demand usage.

    • No monthly minimums
    • No per-user fees
    • No surprise surcharges or extras

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