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Accomplish cloud-native observability

Dynatrace combines full observability with artificial intelligence and automation. By extending the three pillars of observability – metrics, logs, and traces – with user experience and topology data, Dynatrace removes blind spots and enables enterprises to deliver superior user experience and resolve problems rapidly.

Dynatrace observability delivers answers, not just more data, through three distinct capabilities:

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Topology information
Understand the interdependencies between different entities and the data being observed, in context and across the full stack.

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Causation-based AI engine
Provide actionable answers to performance problems through a precise root-cause analysis.

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Automatic discovery and instrumentation
Ensure scalability and complete coverage in highly dynamic environments without manual configuration.

Real-time topology mapping provides context across the full stack

Dynatrace captures the actual causal dependencies between all observability data to intelligently combine metrics, traces, logs, and user experience data. The real-time topology map is the basis for Dynatrace’s radically different AI engine, Davis.

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Causation-based AI delivers precise answers

Davis, Dynatrace’s AI engine, automates anomaly root-cause analysis, even in highly dynamic microservice environments. Traditional solutions offer little beyond dashboard visualizations, forcing manual root-cause analysis. Dynatrace is the only platform that takes the burden off human operators, providing precise answers built on full stack observability.

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Automation provides scalability and completeness

Instead of developers having to manually instrument their code, Dynatrace automates data collection and analysis for enterprise-grade scalability and complete observability, even in environments with tens of thousands of hosts and microservices that dynamically scale across global, multi-cloud infrastructure.

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The Dynatrace OneAgent automatically and instantly detects all applications, containers, services, processes, and infrastructure upon start-up.

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System components are instrumented automatically with zero configuration or code change, with high-fidelity data observability beginning immediately.

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Dynatrace’s smart baselining automatically learns “normal” performance and adapts dynamically as the environment changes.

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For enterprise-grade maintainability, the OneAgent automatically and securely updates throughout the entire environment.

OpenTelemetry for better coverage

Dynatrace is teaming up with Google and Microsoft and others on the OpenTelemetry project to shape the future of observability. OpenTelemetry will serve as an additional data source that extends the breadth of cloud observability, expanding the broad reach of what Dynatrace already automatically collects and ingests into Davis, its explainable AI engine.

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“Dynatrace scales effortlessly in a dynamic microservice environment. Before, we had blind spots. With Dynatrace we see everything.”
Reinhard Weber, Senior Product Manager at SAP CX

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