Artificial intelligence

Automated full stack application monitoring powered by AI

Auto-discover and baseline your full stack in minutes. Dynatrace artificial intelligence autonomously detects performance and availability issues and pinpoints their root causes. Resolve application problems before your customers are impacted.

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AI automates monitoring

The traditional monitoring approach of watching dashboards, responding to alerts, and manually analyzing data sets doesn’t work anymore. Today’s hyper-dynamic, highly distributed application environments have gotten too complex and move too fast. The volume, velocity, and variety of information is simply more than humans are able to keep up with using traditional tools.

But artificial intelligence can absorb terabytes of data and make sense of it instantaneously. AI automates all the “heavy lifting”—all the discovery and analysis that take teams of experts hours or days, AI does in milliseconds—to proactively identify problems and pinpoint the underlying root cause.

Only AI can monitor and manage the complexity and speed of today's application environments

Why only Dynatrace can leverage artificial intelligence

Going with AI-powered automated monitoring instead of traditional manual monitoring seems a no-brainer. So, why doesn’t every APM vendor leverage artificial intelligence?

Simply put, AI has prerequisites that only Dynatrace has the patented technologies to deliver—the Dynatrace secret sauce.

Only then can 1. AI machine-learning capabilities determine what constitutes “normal” behavior for your system, 2. intelligent anomaly detection automatically and proactively pinpoint problems, and 3. knowledge-based algorithms fuel a deterministic causation engine that calculates underlying root causes with statistical precision.

Only Dynatrace has the patented technologies to eneabl;e AI-powered moniitoring.

AI gives you auto-everything

Smartscape technology shows your all your application’s dependencies.

Automatic dependency detection

Dynatrace machine-learning capabilities immediately begin to auto-detect every single dependency between your applications, services, processes, containers, hosts, underlying infrastructure, network, and cloud environment. Learn more

Dynatrace was built with the world’s largest applications in mind and scales to any size.

Automatic topology visualization

Our unique Smartscape technology builds an easy-to-understand visual map of every component, technology, dependency, and relationship within your environment. Learn more

Dynatrace smart baselining learns the normal performance of your application. Eliminate false positives and noisy alerts related to response times, failure rates, and throughput.

Dynamic auto-baselining

Smart baselining automatically learns what constitutes normal baseline performance and dynamically adjusts to changes to infrastructure or traffic-patterns. Learn more

AI predictive analytics identify when a problem is a true anomaly.

Anomaly detection

Big data analytics and other built-in AI algorithms apply contextual semantics to all collected metrics for the most accurate anomaly detection available anywhere. Learn more

Dynatrace pinpoints the root causes of performance issues automatically

Root cause analysis

Artificial intelligence analyzes problems in milliseconds to pinpoint the underlying root causes of problems—visual “instant replay” shows you how Dynatrace AI figures out these root causes. Learn more

Every problem notification includes business impact analysis that shows the number of impacted users and service calls for each affected application.

Business impact analysis

Whenever a problem is detected, Dynatrace automatically collects and analyzes each related transaction to quantify the problem’s potential impact on real users. Learn more

Seeing is believing

Get a sneak peek into Dynatrace AI in action. Our Performance Power mini-demos walk you through how AI delivers deep cause-and-effect insights. Just 30 minutes and you’ll never look at monitoring the same way again. Sign up today.

Monitoring with artificial intelligence

Monitoring with artificial intelligence

One of the most-viewed webinars, Monitoring with artificial intelligence walks you through the basics of AI monitoring and discusses:

Monitoring redefined—correlation vs causation

Monitoring redefined—correlation vs causation

In this on-demand demo Monitoring redefined—correlation vs. causation, you’ll learn:

Monitoring redefined—without alert spam

Monitoring redefined—without alert spam

In this on-demand demo Monitoring redefined—without alert spam, you’ll learn how AI:

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“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. Once we found the issue, it only took us 30 minutes to fix it. With Dynatrace, finding a similar problem would only take us minutes to identify.”

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Monitoring at speed, scale, accuracy that no human can match

Download the Dynatrace AI fact sheet to learn how, in under 5 minutes—with zero manual configuration—Dynatrace AI gives you auto-everything. Activities that used to take hours or days, AI can now dow in milliseconds.

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