Meet Davis®, our radically different AI-engine

Automatically processes billions of dependencies to serve up precise answers.

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Meet Davis®, our radically different AI-engine screenshot
Meet Davis®, our radically different AI-engine screenshot

Davis is purpose-built for today’s web-scale modern cloud



dependencies analyzed by Davis per second.



application topology changes are already processed by Dynatrace per day.

System health


reduction of overall outage minutes is what Davis can help you achieve.

Stop guessing.
Start knowing. Instantly.

With Davis®, our unrivaled AI engine, precise answers aren’t just easier to come by. They’re instant, automatic, and continuous. Explore how Davis drives automation and delivers broader, deeper insight into your environment.

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Precision you can rely on.

Dependency detection

dependency detection and distributed tracing.

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Topology visualisation

Get a real-time map of your entire application stack across hybrid cloud environment.

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Anomaly detection

No configuration, no data scientists needed. Dynatrace detects issues automatically and reliably.

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Root cause analysis

Dynatrace AI is deterministic and identifies the actual root cause with unmatched precision.

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Business impact analysis

Determine the severity of an anomaly in term of impacts to real users and business KPIs.

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Use Davis to
automate operations and enable self-healing.

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Precise answers through high fidelity data

Rather than processing simple time-series data Davis uses high-fidelity metrics, traces, logs and real user data that are mapped to a unified entity model. Davis has the full picture at any moment by using both Dynatrace’s native OneAgent and its open API for ingesting 3rd party data.

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Davis is purpose-built AI

Davis uses deterministic AI which is a radically different approach to traditional machine learning. It performs an automatic fault-tree analysis, the same methodology NASA and the FAA are using. This is causation not correlation. The resulting root cause analysis is precise and reproducible step by step.

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At the core, to understand more

Davis sits at the core of Dynatrace, not bolted on as an afterthought. Therefore, our AI engine is part of every aspect of the platform. Davis processes any and all data, whether it comes from a mainframe, the infrastructure, a cloud platform or the CI/CD pipeline. This enables Davis to provide the granularity and precision needed to automate the cloud, unlike traditional AI.

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