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Drive intelligent cloud ecosystem automation with precise answers and secure integrations that leverage causal AI and all your data.

The new AutomationEngine applies Dynatrace AIOps to our data, and its no-code and low-code toolset and predefined actions make it easy to automate tasks that once required engineering input.
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Extensible, flexible, answer-driven automation

Leverage causal AI and analytics to get the most from your observability, security, and business data and automate BizDevSecOps workflows across your ecosystem.

Easily automate manual tasks

Use our interactive no/low code editor to create workflows or configure them as-code and execute based on a schedule or events.

Turn data and answers into actions, securely and at scale

Address boundless automation use cases by leveraging our AI engine, Davis®, and all your observability and security data in context, at scale, and in real time.

Boost the intelligence of your tools

Avoid integration toil and easily and flexibly make your existing orchestration, ITSM, and automation tools smarter and more powerful.

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AutomationEngine in action

Explore some of the ways AutomationEngine can automate BizDevSecOps workflows intelligently throughout your hybrid and multicloud ecosystems.

Automate remediation and progressive delivery
Continuously evaluate software against SLOs.

Automate routing of security vulnerability info
Ensure swift action and reduce false positives.

Automate infrastructure provisioning
Deliver the best customer experience while optimizing resources.

Dive deeper into AutomationEngine

See how you can accelerate digital transformation with simple, powerful, answer-driven automation driven by observability and security insights.
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Talk to a Dynatrace expert to see what our best-in-class observability, security, and AIOps platform can do for you.
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