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Your most reliable, smartest, colleague isn’t human. It’s Dynatrace AI.

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Operating your enterprise cloud is beyond human ability



of CIOs fear that IT complexity will make it impossible to effectively manage performance.



Detecting a problem isn’t good enough. You need to understand the impact and find the root cause – in seconds.



users expect software to perform flawlessly. Glitches need to be resolved fast – ideally automatically.

Go beyond noise reduction and get to the root cause

Like other AIOps solutions, Dynatrace will help you reduce alerts. But we do so much more.

  • Automated


Automatically invoke auto-remediation procedures before your users even notice a glitch with AI-assisted root-cause analysis.

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  • full stack

Full stack

Because we monitor the full stack, Dynatrace can tell you exactly the business impact and which users are impacted by a problem.

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  • AIOps


Our AI goes beyond correlation and uses true causation to determine the precise root cause of a problem.

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Unique scalability and deployment capabilities

  • Scalability

Web-scale for 100.000+ hosts

Built cloud-native, Dynatrace is highly scalable, available, and secure.

  • Security

Enterprise governance and security

Dynatrace provides secure role-based access management.

  • Automated

Flexible deployment options

Choose between SaaS and managed - Saas currency with on-premises data.

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Native monitoring and intelligent data ingestion

The best answers start with the best data. Dynatrace monitors your entire complex ecosystem, but also ingests diverse external data sources, putting everything in context.

Dynatrace dashboard

Dynatrace smartscape

Automated dependency detection

Dynatrace continuously discovers your environment in real-time and auto-detects dependencies. We don’t need time to learn how things are related – we just know.

Get to the root cause

Because Dynatrace is context-aware, our AI engine can go beyond correlation to provide true causation, even if the cause is an external, human factor like a new deployment.

Problem evolution

AI-fueled answers power automation

With Dynatrace software intelligence, self-healing can become a reality. Dynatrace works with your continuous delivery tools to trigger remediation tasks and solve problems before users have even noticed.

root cause analysis


The AI paves the way for autonomous operations, enabling us to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention.”
Jonathan Hayes, VP of Global IT Service Excellence at Experian

Purpose-built for hybrid multi-cloud environments

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