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AI-based ‘quality gates’ for your cloud-native continuous delivery pipeline

Scale DevOps

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Competitively driven DevOps embraces cloud

More and more businesses are moving to Cloud technologies to take advantage of automation, scalability, speed, and faster delivery of reliable apps.

This exponentially increases the speed, risk and complexity of successful app delivery. Traditional application monitoring tools are not equipped to bridge both enterprise DevOps and Cloud native DevOps.

From Enterprise DevOps to Cloud Native NoOps

DevOps in the Cloud

Dynatrace provides the industry’s only Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered application monitoring that transcends the challenge that human beings struggle with to manage these complex, hyper-dynamic, web-scale applications.

Dynatrace for DevOps empowers organizations to redefine monitoring as Cloud native enterprises mature from CI to CD to DevOps to NoOps.

AI enabled monitoring helps dev, test, operation and business teams light up cloud-based applications from the core

Value of DevOps in the Cloud

AI enabled monitoring helps dev, test, operation and business teams light up cloud-based applications from the core — and automate not just how the apps are monitored — but how intelligence from these apps can be used to produce high value performance and customer data.

Service Teams

  • Shift-Left Quality! Shift-Right Metrics!
  • Scale from 1 DevOps team to many
  • Automated Architecture validation across Cloud Native and Enterprise Stack
  • Continuous Performance Validation
  • AI supported fact-based actions for monitoring as pipeline feature, optimal operational feedback

Cloud Ops Teams

  • Unified full Cloud native and Enterprise stack monitoring and support
  • Monitoring as a Platform Service to Development and Business
  • AI driven assistance for operations decisions
  • AI supported fact-based actions for best feedback next dev cycle, resource requirements

Business Teams

  • User behavior driven decisions
  • Continuous innovation and experimentation
  • AI-driven assistance for business decisions
  • AI-supported fact-based actions for user behavior, cost of features, decisions for best A/B testing

Using Dynatrace, you are backed by an AI-powered monitoring strategy that manages this complexity and makes apps and infrastructure stable, scalable, and fast.

  • Ops receives the right intelligence to avoid outages and performance degradations
  • Dev speeds up new capabilities to market with confidence through faster feedback on quality, performance and scalability of code changes pushed out
  • Business owners gain real time insights into user experience to make better competitive decisions.
Automatic monitoring of your Docker hosts, containers and services running within the containers. No change of Docker image required!
Automatic Monitoring of your critical AWS resources and consumed services allows you to optimize your cloud deployments.
Automatic Dependency Mapping of all services, processes and hosts that support your applications. This is your living and live CMDB!
Automatic Root Cause Detection based on anomaly detection of all depending services. No more manual correlation of events or measures.
Automatic Infrastructure Problem Detection that impact services, end users or operational costs. Helps you fix problems before they become too big!
Automatic Connection Analysis to better understand communication and deployment bottlenecks between critical services.

Dynatrace on Dynatrace

Dynatrace on Dynatrace

Dynatrace as a company, a technology leader and software organization, made a major transformation from a Waterfall/Agile model towards a DevOps continuous deployment — actually a NoOps model - that greatly helped us to innovate much faster.

— Bernd Greifender, CTO, Dynatrace

Learn more as Bernd Greifender, CTO, Dynatrace and team discuss Dynatrace’s internal transformation “From 0 to DevOps in 80 Days”

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DevOps in the Enterprise

Dynatrace empowers organizations to easily execute maturity adoption from CI, to CD and to Enterprise Cloud native.

  • Master the velocity and complexity of operations as part of the integrated application delivery
  • Shift-Left and find issues early so only “good builds” reach production
  • Shift-Right into business teams: get developers engaged with production data for fast improvements
  • Create a source of “business truth” for true DevOps collaboration

DevOps in the Enterprise

Value of DevOps in the Enterprise

Dynatrace monitoring redefined – the value of continuous performance quality gates in your delivery pipeline benefits every stakeholder in the application pipeline.

Dev Teams

  • Shift-left quality: Automate performance and architecture regression detection
  • Shift-right metrics: Define production feedback loops
  • Integrated into your idea and build server
  • Commit better quality code into your pipeline

Perf/Test Teams

  • Shift-Left performance: Continuous performance validation
  • Update load test scenarios from production load feedback
  • Integrated into your automated testing tools and build server
  • Promote better scaling code into production

Ops Teams

  • More successful deployments/ensure deployment success: React faster on bad deployments
  • Provide monitoring as service to development and business
  • Monitoring for multi-platform/technology: Enterprise stack, cloud native, virtualization, containers, end users
  • Better deployments through understanding dependencies between services

Business Teams

  • More successful product and feature releases
  • Innovate based on real user feedback
  • Optimize costs per feature
  • Continuous experimentation through modern deployment strategies such as feature flags, blue/green deployments

Accelerate your time to market with Dynatrace metrics-driven DevOps that is easy to integrate into existing dev processes

  • Fact-based feedback loops track all key technical metrics from dev through CI and into prod
  • Remove bad code in delivery pipeline and deploy quality with confidence
Automatically detect Problem Patterns in your Continuous Performance Environment introduced by recent code changes

Improve the quality of your development process with immediate feedback on key metrics at each step of the CD pipeline for higher quality and shorter cycles

  • Optimize hotspots to reduce operational costs
  • Stop bad builds earlier in your delivery pipeline
  • Analyze scalability problems with load tests and reduce test cycles
Automatically understand the impact of code changes to front-end and back-end performance and how it might violate SLAs

Promote DevOps culture ‘speak the same language’ throughout the delivery pipeline, everyone sees quality feedback on their dashboard

  • Automatic problem detection and artificial intelligence - everyone can be a performance expert
  • Analyze end user behavior per application and feature
  • Enable developers, DevOps, architects, and business owners to define custom metrics with a single click
Shift-Left Performance into your Continuous Integration - fail a build in Jenkins, or Bamboo or other, if a regression is checked in

Verizon Logo

Verizon on Dynatrace

“For us [at Verizon], monitoring has meant more than just traditional user monitoring — not just looking at systems health or maybe creating a dashboard. Monitoring has become critical to the way we do business, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and proactively, improving performance before a problem occurs.“

— Nita Awatramani, Associate Director, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Learn more as Nita Awatramani, Associate Director at Verizon Enterprise solutions discusses “Digital Transformation through Agile and DevOps”

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