Building Resiliency into the DevOps Cloud

Using AI and Automation for Unbreakable Continuous Delivery

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Building Resiliency into the DevOps Cloud screenshot
Building Resiliency into the DevOps Cloud screenshot

Benefits of unbreakable continuous delivery

Dynatrace’s AI-powered more autonomous platform drove our own digital transformation. The results have been fantastic!

Increased agility ~200 code commits / day 340 stories per two-week sprint 24x more releases
Increased quality 31,000 unit & integration tests / hour 68h UI tests per build 93% production bugs found by development
Increased stability ~1,000 global EC2 instances 99.99% global availability ~5,000 deployments / day

⬇ 75%

Automate quality for better software and reduce production incidents

⬇ 97%

Automate deployment to increase speed and reduce deployment lead times

⬆ 12 to 26

Automate operations for more frequent releases per year

Building Resiliency into the DevOps Cloud

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DevOps to NoOps in action – automatically across any platform, cloud or stack


Multi-platform monitoring

Automate monitoring – use monitoring strategically as feature of the end-to-end pipeline


Shift-left quality gates

Automate quality (shift-left) – automate the pipeline and stop bad code changes before they reach prod


Shift-right deployment speed

Automate deployment (shift-right) – push “monitoring-as-code” for auto-validation and auto-alerting



Automate operations (self-healing) – auto-mitigate bad deployments in production

"Dynatrace as a company, a technology leader and software organization, made a major transformation from a Waterfall/Agile model towards a DevOps continuous deployment — actually a NoOps model - that greatly helped us to innovate much faster."

Bernd Greifender, CTO, Dynatrace

Leveraging API’s and Dynatrace’s software intelligent platform

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Automate monitoring as a feature of the cloud pipeline

Get 100% observability of your app stack and pipeline, dynamically and automatically with no configuration, to close blind spots and better understand and manage app complexity.


Automate quality with Shift-left quality gates

Build AI-based quality gates along your pipeline to remediate early, release confidently and assure no bad code changes reach production.

From Enterprise DevOps to Cloud Native NoOps

Automate deployment with Shift-right pipeline data

Leverage “Monitoring-as-code” to auto-validate and auto-alert; correlate performance data and analysis to a single problem; alert actions to right teams with root cause and context, not just symptoms.

From Enterprise DevOps to Cloud Native NoOps

Automate operations with self-healing processes

Auto-mitigate bad deployments in production; identify common problems, create triggered auto-remediation actions for resolution; streamline contextual status into collaborative channels such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

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The AI paves the way for autonomous operations, enabling us to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention.”
Jonathan Hayes, VP of Global IT Service Excellence at Experian

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