The brutal truth about digital performance engineering and operations

Pure Performance

Andreas (aka Andi) Grabner and Brian Wilson are veterans of the digital performance world. Combined they have seen too many applications not scaling and performing up to expectations. With more rapid deployment models made possible through continuous delivery and a mentality shift sparked by DevOps they feel it’s time to share their stories. In each episode, they and their guests discuss different topics concerning performance, ranging from common performance problems for specific technology platforms to best practices in development, testing, deploying and monitoring software performance and user experience. Be prepared to learn a lot about metrics.

Andi & Brian both work at Dynatrace, where they get to witness more real-world customer performance issues than they can TPS report at.

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Latest Episode

Demystifying DevTestSecOps: Automating Security into your Culture with Adam Auerbach

3 years ago, Adam Auerbach explained how he helped Capital One to automate performance into the DevOps Delivery Pipeline. In 2020, where IT Security is a hot trending topic, Adam works for EPAM and is back advocating for the same shift-left he as advocated for when it comes to functional or performance testing. But now – its about baking Security into your practices & culture. And he has a cool word for it: DevTestSecOps!

Listen in and learn which types of security checks can be fully automated in the different stages of the delivery pipeline. Also learn how to prioritize your vulnerabilities as you most likely end up with a lot of noise in the beginning. Adam also highlightes the following open source tools that will help in that transformation: getcarrier.io and reportportal.io.

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PurePerformance Cafes are short interviews with practitioners and thought leaders from around the globe. We found it a great way to get introduced to a new topic or just learn what others are doing in their day-to-day job to contribute to better quality and high performing software.

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