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Microservices monitoring

Real-time observability into dynamic microservices environments

Dynatrace’s automatic discovery and instrumentation for AWS Lambda and Kubernetes have also been invaluable and fulfilled all of our most essential requirements.
Alex Hibbitt Engineering Director, SRE & Fulfillment, Photobox

What are Microservices?

Microservices is an approach to application design that centers on breaking applications into a large number of small independent services that work together to deliver the required functionality. There are several benefits to microservices architectures including increased development agility, ability to scale performance more effectively and improved reliability. Often, microservices are built to leverage cloud-native functionality like serverless functions or Kubernetes.

Many microservices, complete observability

While other monitoring solutions struggle with dynamic cloud-native environments, Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors all microservices using both OneAgent and OpenTelemetry. Davis, our AI engine, understands application dependencies and delivers intelligent answers fast.

Auto discover microservices

Dynatrace automatically creates a complete, real-time topology of your microservice architecture. We discover all your microservices and what’s running inside of them, and we know when they are spun up or down, so your topology is always up to date.

We’ve got you covered

Regardless of which technologies you are using to orchestrate your environment, Dynatrace can tell you exactly what’s going on. We go beyond just simple infrastructure metrics to tell you about your application, user experience, and business transactions.

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Get precise answers and automation through hypermodal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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