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Deliver enhanced customer experience with application monitoring, by being able to identify and resolve issues in real-time before they impact customers.

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Application monitoring screenshot
Application monitoring screenshot

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What is application monitoring?

Application monitoring is the process of measuring application performance, availability and user experience and using this data to identify and resolve application issues before they impact customers. Application monitoring is difficult due to the dynamic nature of today’s hybrid cloud and cloud native environments. The most effective modern approaches incorporate full stack monitoring from the front-end, user experience, to the back-end infrastructure to deliver complete visibility into application performance.

Get deep insights into your full application stack

Dynatrace provides unique operational insights with just one solution. Leverage full stack monitoring from the front-end to the back-end, to infrastructure, to the cloud. Understand how application performance impacts your customers.

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Analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack—down to each individual transaction—across all layers and technologies.
Stay on top of availability and performance issues across all layers.

Monitor your entire hybrid multicloud

Dynatrace provides unmatched application monitoring breadth and depth. We cover your entire hybrid, multicloud with no gaps or blind spots.

  • Monitor applications down to the code-level.
  • See real user data and resolve customer complaints effectively.
  • Resolve problems in minutes with actionable artificial intelligence.
Continuously auto-discover and map all applications and transaction-flows.
Integrated user-experience metrics from both real users and synthetic monitoring enables proactive monitoring of your web and mobile apps. Every customer journey is tracked end to end.

Dynatrace is a G2 Leader in APM

Dynatrace has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. Dynatrace has the largest Market Presence and received the highest Satisfaction score among products in Application Performance Management (APM).

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See the platform in action

Explore our interactive product tour to see how the automation and intelligence at the core of the Dynatrace platform enables Ops and Apps teams to increase efficiency up to 75%, and innovation throughput up to 80%.

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Dynatrace covers the broadest range of technologies in the industry

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Boost productivity with automatic application monitoring

Today's application environments consist of thousands of components and millions of dependencies. Level up your application monitoring approach with our unique capabilities:

  • Get full operational insights, with no manual configuration.
  • Leverage continuous auto-discovery to minimize operational costs.
  • Get detailed information on performance issues before they affect your customers
Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack, from your customers' web browsers to your applications, down to containers, infrastructure and cloud.
Dynatrace was built with the world’s largest applications in mind and scales to any size.

Resolve customer experience issues proactively

Problem resolution with most application monitoring tools is still a time-consuming manual process that puts you at risk of losing customers. Stop spending time hunting for problems and focus on fixing them:

Business transaction analysis provides full insights into response times, threading, database calls, and complexity.
Artificial intelligence technology tells you where and why applications break down by analyzing trillions of events per day.
You receive a single problem notification that tells you the root cause of the problem.

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