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Security Protection

Get continuous application security posture insights and attack protection.

Unified observability to secure and protect cloud-native applications

Real time runtime vulnerability analytics

  • Understand the impact and extent of exposure to a zero-day minutes after it enters vulnerability databases.
  • Detect third party and code level vulnerabilities across all layers of any cloud application, without false positives.
  • Leverage the power of Davis® AI to prioritize vulnerabilities with full observability context.
  • Get all the information you need to quickly remediate vulnerabilities.

Runtime Application Protection right when attacks happen

  • Precisely determine malicious activity by monitoring the flow of data through the application, from the user to the database.
  • Confidently block malicious activity without affecting critical processes.
  • Protect against zero-day attacks while the vulnerability is being remediated.

Enable DevSecOps at scale and ship secure code fast

  • Automatically validate that no new critical vulnerabilities were deployed by leveraging security gates.
  • Create workflows to intelligently automate the creation, assignment, and resolution of vulnerability tickets.
  • Communicate findings & monitor vulnerabilities with pre-built dashboard templates.

Give runtime context to security data, investigate with Security Analytics

  • Integrate cloud security data like logs, events, and scans into Dynatrace to give it runtime context.
  • Conduct proactive threat hunts to confirm if a zero-day vulnerability was exploited and respond.
  • Investigate detected exploit attempts to confirm if application protection defenses were successful and proactively identify defenses.
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As part of our digital transformation journey, Auto Club Group adopted a multi-cloud strategy, along with agile and SecDevOps approaches to delivering modern applications. However, these practices can introduce gaps in security and observability on exploitable vulnerabilities in the run-time stack, like the recent critical Log4J Shell vulnerability. Turning on the Dynatrace Application Security Module™, we were able to quickly identify vulnerabilities while having the capability to continuously monitor the security environment in our critical business applications.
Gopal Padinjaruveetil CISO, Auto Club Group

Eliminate security blind spots with Dynatrace and Snyk

The DevSecOps LifecycleCoverage app with Snyk enables teams to collaborate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and establish data-driven governance.

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