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Webinar Dec 3, 2020 01:00 pm EST

IT Strategy and Investments Needed to Win in Digital-first Retail

The new normal for retail customers, the workforce, and business operations will be radically different in coming years. However, retailers do not have years to adapt, and as a result, 35.4% are investing in technology to close DX gaps. Retailers with leading digital commerce and fulfillment capabilities outperformed peers from…

Webinar Dec 3, 2020 02:00 pm EST

Power Demo: Introducing next-gen PurePath: Distributed tracing for the latest cloud-native architectures

PurePath is Dynatrace’s patented technology for out-of-the-box distributed tracing and code-level insights. It provides end-to-end visibility across complex application environments without blind spots, integrating code-level visibility and diagnostics that incorporate Dynatrace’s expertise in application optimization. Now, the next-generation of PurePath goes even further to support the latest cloud-native architectures, giving…

Webinar Dec 9, 2020 05:00-06:00 pm CET

Performance Clinic: Performance Analysis Automation with JMeter, Keptn & Dynatrace in 5 Minutes

Dynatrace is the tool of choice for most Performance Engineers as it gives you auto.mated test context specific performance analysis of all data captured by the OneAgent from the “System under Test”. Many performance engineers also use JMeter to drive load against applications but struggle to analyze JMeter results as…


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As events around the world are continually canceled, and teams are feeling more and more isolated, our team wanted to provide a resource center that will help people learn, demonstrate the ins and outs of Dynatrace and also showcase how Dynatrace has helped global organizations around the world.

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Managing the Future State of Banking

As banks accelerate the modernization of their critical infrastructure and business platforms, they’re coming across considerations they’ve never seen before. Application development needs to happen at the speed of light, in real time. The bank’s architecture needs to be open and agile. But effectively managing what seems to be an increasingly complex web of platforms and workloads is the key to simplifying the IT environment. On December 1st, join our guest speaker, Jerry Silva, Research Vice President of IDC Financial Insights as he discusses managing the future state of banking.


Performance Clinic: Automated Problem Remediation with Keptn & Dynatrace in 5 Minutes

You are asked to automate problem remediation based on Dynatrace detected problems to ensure your system stays within your defined SLOs but you don’t know yet how to achieve this? Then join this session where Andreas Grabner will show you how to setup an automated problem remediation workflow using Keptn in 5 Minutes. You will learn how to let Dynatrace send specific problems to Keptn, how to configure your remediation workflow and how Keptn then executes your Python, Bash Scripts, Webhooks or any other action to bring your system to a healthy state. You will also learn how Keptn not only executes remediation actions but also validates each remediation on whether it was successful or not by observing your relevant SLIs & SLOs.


Power Demo: Transform Confidently and Faster with Intelligent AWS Observability

We recently commissioned a study of 700 CIOs, primarily from $1 billion-plus enterprise companies and almost 90% of them agreed, digital transformation has accelerated in the last 12 months. And interestingly, of the CIOs surveyed, 70% said their team is forced to spend too much time doing manual tasks that could be automated. In this Power Demo, you will learn how to solve this challenge and more. - Leverage AWS Distributor to roll-out Dynatrace securely over a dynamically scaling EC2 fleet. - Augment AWS Cloud Watch with topology aware full-stack observability to ensure that every single AWS service is running smoothly. - Use Dynatrace’ Davis AI engine to automatically pinpoint anomaly root-causes. This frees up significant engineering resources to focus on innovation rather than bug-fixing. - Scale safely to very large multi-cloud environments with management zones. - Bring dev, ops and biz teams together with a single source of truth and automatic remediation workflows. - Utilize Dynatrace’s extensive partnership with AWS to optimize use case-specific solutions and simplify procurement.


Payer Digital Transformation Strategies – The State of Payer

As the U.S Healthcare burden is increasing, payers are looking for margins. As such, payers' infrastructure is characterized by silos (claims, enrollment, clinical, sales, and marketing) and Digital Transformation is the maturity curve that they are all on. This cultural and technical journey is discussed by featured guest speaker, Jeff Rivkin, Research Director for Payer IT Strategies at IDC. Join us on November 19th to hear Rivkin discuss how payer architecture is getting more complicated due to APIs, open architectures, and cloud, and how it needs coordination and visibility.


Performance Clinic: No metric left alone – Feeding all your observability data into Dynatrace AIOps

In this Performance Clinic Robert Schausberger, Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace will give you insights to the new metrics ingest interface and show you how to report custom metrics from various different data sources. Learn how metric dimensions and topological information will help you to structure, query and alert on top of your metrics.


Transform how you work, with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

Digital transformation continues to accelerate. This is happening in dynamic multicloud environments. While helping organizations deliver successful business outcomes, these environments introduce new challenges: - IT complexity: Today’s IT environments bring a scale and frequency of change that is exponentially greater than that of the old data-center world. - Lack of visibility: Traditional tools and manual attempts to interpret millions to billions of data points result in major blind spots. - Increased user expectations: To maintain productivity, collaborate efficiently, and meet customer and business demands, teams need to transform how they work. In this webinar, Dynatrace and ServiceNow execs will describe how the enhanced-bidirectional integration between their platforms helps solve these challenges, delivering closed-loop, automated IT Operations Management (ITOM) workflows with AI-assistance to provide smarter answers and precise topology and service mapping for multicloud environments. With deep observability from Dynatrace and automated workflow and configuration data from ServiceNow, this partnership provides customers with problem identification and root-cause analysis, as well as remediation and confirmation of resolution. This helps transform how digital teams work, enabling them to accomplish more with less time, resources, and money.

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