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Webinar Jan 15, 2020 04:00-05:00 pm CET

Performance Clinic – Monitoring as a Self Service with Dynatrace

During this Performance Clinic Kristof Renders, Global Architect Dynatrace Service, will go over best practices around Monitoring as a Service - a subset of Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM). He will show you how you can leverage metadata for tagging and naming your hosts and processes; how to push more context…

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Webinars on demand


Sailing Trip in Performance as a Self Service with Keptn and NeoLoad

In this webinar, we show you a reference implementation for Performance as a Self-Service through the open-source project Keptn and NeoLoad. During this webinar, you will learn: How to create your pipeline using Keptn How to structure load testing assets within your source control How to run tests and quickly receive feedback


Power Demo: Software Intelligence for Cloud Infrastructure

In this webinar, you will see how Dynatrace auto-discovers your cloud infrastructure, provides details with log monitoring, process and container monitoring and PaaS layer (e.g. Kubernetes) monitoring and spots problems and their root cause in real-time with the Davis AI engine.


Performance Clinic – Ensuring Digital Business Availability with Dynatrace

Join this Performance Clinic with Klaus Enzenhofer, Senior Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace, and learn how Dynatrace Real User Monitoring automatically detects errors that impact your end users caused by erroneous 3rd party or CDNs. We will show you how to determine and report the actual impact to management, how to analyze those errors and identify the root cause and how to forward this information to your engineers and 3rd party partners for them to fix the problems instantly!


Free up resources for innovating using Dynatrace

In this webinar Roman Spitzbart, Sr Director Sales Engineering EMEA at Dynatrace, will show you how Dynatrace can help you to simplify operations using AI to determine root-cause analysis, in real-time so your organization can optimize its infrastructure, reduce the amount of tickets and noise and increase development productivity.


Cloud Hero webinar series

Join us as we sit down with one of our Cloud Hero customers each month to discuss their success and challenges around digital transformation with Dynatrace.


Power Demo: Monitoring mainframe, cloud and mobile apps

Join this demo to see how Dynatrace’s fully automated monitoring models your mainframe dependencies, traces transactions from mobile apps to the mainframe, and uses AI for problem detection and root cause analysis.

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