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Performance Clinic: Dynatrace and OpenTelemetry work #BetterTogether

In this Performance Clinic, Daniela Rabiser, Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace and Wayne Segar, Sales Engineer at Dynatrace, will show how Dynatrace helps IT operations teams and Site Reliability Engineers to leverage OpenTelemetry data to gain end-to-end observability insights in the different scenarios.


Performance Clinic: Why Devs love Dynatrace – Episode 4 – Runtime Optimization

Episode 4 focuses on Runtime Optimization. We will learn how to analyze Memory Allocation issues on a release. We will understand the impact of Garbage Collection, the allocated objects and where are these objects coming and its size in Memory. We will deep dive more in CPU issues, how to analyze them from the bottom up,, from the Host and process all the way to the calling methods and test steps. Finally we will analyze a threading issue and the impacted transactions.


Scaling for a hyper-digitalised government

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we work, play and interact forever. In turn, it has sparked a rapid pivot to digitalisation like never before. Governments and businesses alike are turning to technology to solve problems and innovate services. Register for GovInsider’s webinar on 30 June, 11:30am SGT / 1:30pm AEST to find out how Asia-Pacific’s leading governments & tech innovators are scaling for a hyper-digitalised world and insights you can adopt instantly. Guest panellists include NHB Singapore and Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage.


Performance Clinic: Why Devs Love Dynatrace – Episode 3 – Automated Release Comparison

In Episode 3, Sergio Hinojosa focuses on Automated Release Comparison. We will learn the foundations of Load Test Analysis with Dynatrace. We will compare failed releases that did not pass the Quality Gate due performance degradations. We will show how easy it is to compare functional performance tests with each other learning how Dynatrace can pinpoint the degradations up to code-level through the application stack. We will even decompile the code to understand the root cause of a bad implementation whether it is a bad algorithm or thread synchronization issue. Register now


Performance Clinic: k8s monitoring at Scale with Prometheus and Dynatrace

In this Performance Clinic Henrik Rexed, Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace, will explain how Dynatrace is securely scraping data from Prometheus, scaling without adding extra load to your Prometheus server and connecting the Prometheus data with Smartscape topology.


Dynatrace & AWS Virtual Jam: A Symphony of Orchestration & Automation at Scale

In this session, you will learn first-hand how 1000’s of Cloud Architects, Cloud Operations leaders and SRE teams from the world's leading organisations have taken advantage of this “concerto” and are working in partnership with Dynatrace &

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