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Webinar Apr 20, 2021 02:00-03:00 pm BST

The State of Digital Transformation in Banking in the UK

In this webinar, guest speaker Aurelie L’Hostis, Senior Analyst at Forrester, will look at the current state of digital transformation, the trends that have impacted and driven this change, and how banking leaders are adopting this transformation ahead of time to keep up with the pace of change.

Webinar Apr 27, 2021 05:00-06:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic: Serverless, observe smarter! Analyze and optimize serverless operations with Dynatrace!

This Performance Clinic gives an in-depth insight into Dynatrace capabilities to get automated observability into serverless functions. Gernot Reisinger and Thomas Rothschaedl walk you through the journey of Dynatrace OneAgent deployment, integration to Dynatrace real user monitoring to cold start detection and other operations and optimization use cases.

Webinar May 4, 2021 05:00-06:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic: IBM Z (Mainframe) monitoring with Dynatrace

In this Performance Clinic Christian Schram, Mgr Sales Engineering at Dynatrace, will introduce you on how to capture custom data from a Mainframe application on top of what is provided by the Mainframe agents automatically. This allows you to leverage business related Mainframe data in the Dynatrace platform.

Webinar May 20, 2021 05:00-06:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic: Why Devs Love Dynatrace – Episode 2 – Intelligent Quality Gates

In Episode 2, Sergio Hinojosa, focuses on automating the testing and evaluation of your code in your dev & test environment. Sergio has extended his CodeLabs with Automated REST API Testing and Automated Dynatrace data analysis through Intelligent SLO-based Quality Gates. This episode will help you level up your quality…

Webinar May 26, 2021 05:00-06:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic: AI-assisted log and event monitoring to simplify Kubernetes and multi cloud operations with Dynatrace

In this Performance Clinic Michal Dec, Sr. Technical Product Manager, will walk us through Dynatrace’s log monitoring and analytics capabilities with a specific focus on k8s and cloud-native architectures. You will learn about the different use cases for your Cloud Ops, SREs and development teams that Dynatrace’s Davis AI enables…

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Webinars on demand


Intelligent, agile platforms for the new era of public services

In this webinar, guest speaker Massimiliano Claps, Research Director at IDC Government Insights and Jason Tooley, VP EMEA Sales at Dynatrace analyze the growing digital presence in the UK Public Sector and the trends leading the change.


Next Generation CX: The state of the UK Retail landscape

In this webinar, guest speaker Michelle Beeson, Analyst at Forrester, will outline the key customer and competitor trends that are driving retailers and brands to rethink their business models and customer engagement strategies.


Performance Clinic: Why Devs Love Dynatrace – Fullstack Observability & Distributed Trace Analysis (Episode 1)

In Episode 1 of this Performance Clinic Series, Sergio Hinojosa, DevOps Fanatic at Dynatrace, shows you hands-on on how you can use Dynatrace in your development & test environments to automate observability and analysis of your applications & services. We will learn how to analyze problematic transactions in complex & hybrid distributed systems. We will dive into easy access of your distributed traces (we call them PurePaths) and how Dynatrace automatically shows the hotspots so that you can easily optimize or fix them.


Performance Clinic: Dynatrace and PowerBI – Taming IT Change Risks through Automation

In this Performance Clinic Imran Khan, Consultant of the Dynatrace Expert Services, will share how to harness the observability, incident, root cause and impact data from Dynatrace Davis AI through the Dynatrace API. He will show you how to integrate this data with PowerBI providing a tool for better risk assessment of IT changes. With a few simply steps you can show trends, patterns, analyze top root causes and more to make better decisions on every incoming change request.


Power Demo: Leverage OpenTelemetry with Dynatrace for opensource tracing

OpenTelemetry is an opensource observability framework composed of a collection of tools, APIs and SDKs and is gaining significant attention in the market, and many companies are looking at it as the future of their telemetry data collection. OpenTelemetry brings new capabilities and openness but is one piece of a larger observability model. In this Power Demo, you will see how Dynatrace delivers out-of-box OpenTelemetry support and how Dynatrace enriches OpenTelemetry data with full-stack context, powerful analytics, and AI at scale.


Performance Clinic: Power Dashboarding in Dynatrace

In this Performance Clinic, we'll explore: what should I dashboard today in the age of AIOps? what makes a good dashboard? new dashboard features, including Explorer, Dashboard Presets, and SLO tiles; deploying bespoke dashboard packs with the BizOpsConfigurator; and how we're driving visualizations forward with experimental Dashboard PowerUps.

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