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Webinar Jan 21, 2021 02:00 pm EST

Power Demo: AWS Observability with Serverless

Serverless adoption is increasing and it brings with it a lot of benefits for cloud-native practitioners. However, it also introduces observability challenges, particularly with serverless functions. In this power demo, we will show you how to overcome these challenges and more. In this power demo, you will learn how to:…

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Performance Clinic: Monitoring as Code – Empowering Developers through Shift-Left Observability

As developers gain responsibilities through practices such as GitOps and SRE, their ability to configure observability – and keep it up to date with evolving requirements – becomes a cornerstone for successful organizations. Configurations such as SLIs (Service Level Indicators), SLOs (Service Level Objectives), dashboards and alerting rules are left to be created separately, and often manually. In this session, Kristof Renders (Autonomous Cloud Enablement Practice Manager) will walk us through on how organizations can offer true Monitoring as a Self-service to their teams and employ a GitOps approach to observability using Dynatrace’s open source Monitoring as Code (Monaco) – empowering developers to get observability based on their needs!


Innovate. Collaborate. Deliver. Our digital hub is live

As events around the world are continually canceled, and teams are feeling more and more isolated, our team wanted to provide a resource center that will help people learn, demonstrate the ins and outs of Dynatrace and also showcase how Dynatrace has helped global organizations around the world.


Performance Clinic: Performance Analysis Automation with JMeter, Keptn & Dynatrace in 5 Minutes

Dynatrace is the tool of choice for most Performance Engineers as it gives you auto.mated test context specific performance analysis of all data captured by the OneAgent from the “System under Test”. Many performance engineers also use JMeter to drive load against applications but struggle to analyze JMeter results as there is no good built-in analysis capability which forces many to send data to external tools. In this session you learn how to integrate JMeter with Dynatrace including tagging requests and automatically streaming JMeter performance metrics to Dynatrace. This gives you ALL YOUR performance data in a single location, fully connected allowing you to truly automate performance analysis. You also learn how Keptn can be used to orchestrate the test execution and test analysis as the final step to Performance as a Self-Service.


IT Strategy and Investments Needed to Win in Digital-first Retail

The new normal for retail customers, the workforce, and business operations will be radically different in coming years. However, retailers do not have years to adapt, and as a result, 35.4% are investing in technology to close DX gaps. Retailers with leading digital commerce and fulfillment capabilities outperformed peers from a year over year growth perspective, offering evidence of the value in investing in the right technologies, business processes, and people to serve the consumer. The new normal requires continued investment in contactless and digital business, data to drive intelligent processes and workflow, and modernized IT. Join our guest speaker, Leslie Hand, GVP of IDC Retail and Financial Insights to hear more about: - Trends in digital transformation and e-Commerce - Data, analytics and AI efforts to prioritize gain insights into business operations, products, and/or ecosystems - IT automation - Guidance for retail IT teams


Power Demo: Introducing next-gen PurePath: Distributed tracing for the latest cloud-native architectures

PurePath is Dynatrace’s patented technology for out-of-the-box distributed tracing and code-level insights. It provides end-to-end visibility across complex application environments without blind spots, integrating code-level visibility and diagnostics that incorporate Dynatrace’s expertise in application optimization. Now, the next-generation of PurePath goes even further to support the latest cloud-native architectures, giving you intelligent observability for serverless applications, containers, microservices, service mesh, and integrating with the latest open source standards such as OpenTelemetry. In this power demo, you will experience the power of PurePath including these latest advances. You’ll learn: - What is PurePath, and how does it differ from standard distributed tracing? - How can you use PurePath as a foundation for deep application analysis, diagnostics, and optimization? - How can PurePath help you get end-to-end observability for the latest cloud-native applications and technologies? - How is PurePath supporting the latest open standards like OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing?


Managing the Future State of Banking

As banks accelerate the modernization of their critical infrastructure and business platforms, they’re coming across considerations they’ve never seen before. Application development needs to happen at the speed of light, in real time. The bank’s architecture needs to be open and agile. But effectively managing what seems to be an increasingly complex web of platforms and workloads is the key to simplifying the IT environment. On December 1st, join our guest speaker, Jerry Silva, Research Vice President of IDC Financial Insights as he discusses managing the future state of banking.

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