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Webinar Apr 15, 2020 04:00-05:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic: Dynatrace and ServiceNow Refresher – How to automatically remediate service incidences within ITOM

In this Performance Clinic we focus on the seamless integration of Dynatrace real-time monitoring data into ServiceNow IT operations management (ITOM) workflows. Wolfgang Beer, Technical Product Manager, and Jairam Ramaswamy, Enterprise Solution Architect, will guide through the integration setup and show you how to use an alert management rule to…

Webinar Apr 30, 2020 04:00-05:00 pm CEST

Performance Clinic – Mastering Session Replay

In this Performance Clinic, Dania Grave de Peralta and Rick St. John will give you an overview of Session Replay and how it allows you to unleash the power for advanced real user analytics. They will focus on how to best use Session Replay for troubleshooting your end-user experience. You…

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Performance Clinic – Dynatrace Calculated RUM Metrics to help Business and Technical decisions!

In this Performance Clinic, Klaus Enzenhofer will show you how to configure calculated RUM metrics, how to leverage RUM properties to allow advanced splitting by business data dimensions and how to leverage the Metrics API to integrate these metrics into your BizDevOps processes.


Power Demo: Digital Business Analytics and Adobe Analytics Integration

In this episode you will learn how to extract business-relevant datapoints from Dynatrace-monitored deployments/applications/entities. About our integration with tooling such as Adobe Analytics for easily bringing additional business context to Dynatrace and how Davis, Dynatrace’s AI, will be able to deliver unparalleled insights utilizing these additional data point in near future.


How SAP automated Dynatrace Managed at Scale –

In this webinar Reinhard Weber, Senior Product Manager at SAP CX, shares how using Dynatrace has helped SAP to: Reduce time and costs using automation Automatically deployed the full-stack agent in more than 21,000 hosts Monitor user experiences and problems in over 3,000 customer environments Monitor IT operations without manual configuration


Performance Clinic – Digital Business Analytics, User Session Query Language and power dashboarding with Dynatrace

In this Performance Clinic, John Kelly covers a range of topics to do with our new Digital Business Analytics, Dashboarding and Reporting features. You’ll learn about how the combination of USQL analytics and robust visualization capabilities through Dynatrace Dashboarding provides powerful business analytics that drive critical business decisions and iterative application optimizations.


Power Demo: Logs and Software Intelligence

In this webinar, you will learn what you miss out on if logs are your primary source of data. You will see how Dynatrace automatically detects log files and intelligently uses log data as part of a complete application and deployment health overview. You will also understand how Dynatrace leverages log data in its AI engine, Davis, to provide fast and precise answers.


Power Demo: Continuously improve user experiences with full-stack front-end monitoring

In this webinar you will learn how to prevent user impact with availability monitoring, fix issues quickly using AI-powered answers, and optimize user experiences through performance and analytics. Why AI and automation at the core of Dynatrace deliver answers into exactly where and why users are impacted by back-end issues and application performance.Why it’s mission-critical to take a comprehensive approach to improve user experiences and what the market-leading all-in-one platform can do for you.

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