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Webinar Jun 28, 2022 05:00-06:00 pm CEST

Observability Clinic: Vulnerability Detection and Automated Risk Assessment

Ever-increasing application complexity means that vulnerabilities are an increasing threat. One needs to continuously detect vulnerable services, understand the impact of vulnerabilities, prioritize and remediate. Time is of essence here – the faster each step can be completed, the lower the potential impact will be.

Webinar Jul 27, 2022 12:30-01:30 pm +08

10 things you didn’t know about cloud migration and adoption

Hear the secrets of digital transformation (more specifically cloud migration and adoption) that will deliver immense financial and productivity impacts for your projects. Uncover practical and actionable ideas for both Day 1 (cloud migration and cloud-native development) and Day 2 (cloud adoption and operations).

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Accelerating innovation with AIOps at Park ‘N Fly

With AIOps, enterprises can more easily identify problems in their IT infrastructure, automate DevOps workflows, and use software intelligence to become more efficient as they grow and digitally transform. This is particularly important for organizations that have embraced cloud technology –which is almost 90% of organizations. Join this webinar to hear from Ken Schirrmacher, Sr. Director of IT at Park 'N Fly, an off-airport parking operator in the U.S., as he discusses how Park 'N Fly has a laser focus on customer experience and has implemented AIOps and observability.


Developing your Next Generation Digital Optimization Program

In today’s world, customers and businesses are dependent on digital technology, and expect to have flawless digital interactions all the time. If the digital experience disappoints, organizations can see a substantial impact on customer satisfaction and their bottom line. But ensuring technology is satisfactory for the end user should only be a starting point. By improving and optimizing the digital experience for users and customers, companies can generate results that drive business impact, such as better customer acquisition and retention, customer service efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue.


Observability Clinic: Getting Started with Observability Driven DevOps and SRE Automation

Dynatrace enables DevOps Platform Engineers and SREs to automate release validation, resiliency engineering, multi-stage delivery or automated problem remediation by connecting Dynatrace’s AIOps to their favorite DevOps tools for deploy, test, notify or remediate.


Intelligent Automation for DevSecOps with Dynatrace and Snyk


Spring4Shell: Identify and minimize your production risk

With new application security vulnerabilities constantly being discovered and exploited, it can be hard to know whether your application is impacted. Just three months after Log4Shell, a new critical application vulnerability called Spring4Shell was published last Wednesday. The vulnerability can be exploited for remote code execution and is found in the widely adopted open-source Java Spring Framework that is used by 60% of developers in their main applications.


Observability Clinic: Power Dashboarding with Dynatrace

Dashboards are the window to your observability data and enable DevOps, SREs, Platform Engineers, Cloud Native Architects and Business to make better decisions.

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