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Webinar Jan 23, 2019 04:00-05:00 pm CET

Performance Clinic – Deployment Automation and Self-Healing with Dynatrace & Ansible

In this session Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Technology Strategist at Dynatrace, and Andreas Grabner, Global Technology Lead, will walk you through advanced use cases of leveraging deployment automation with Ansible and Dynatrace such as: Automatic Deployment of Dynatrace OneAgents to enable “Monitoring as a Service”; automatically pushing deployment context to Dynatrace’s AI…

Webinar Jan 24, 2019 10:00-10:30 am EST

Monitoring Cloud Foundry with Dynatrace

Running apps on Cloud Foundry? Or operating Cloud Foundry? This episode is for you! See our first release of the out-of-the-box Cloud Foundry infrastructure dashboard in action, how Dynatrace auto-detects your microservice dependencies and provides code-level depth. Learn how bringing all your involved parties together to work with one solution…

Webinar Feb 21, 2019 10:00-10:30 am EST

Monitoring OpenShift with Dynatrace

You are running applications on OpenShift or need more insights into the platform? Then our out-of-the-box Kubernetes dashboard is for you which is about to be released and will be featured in the live demo. For app developers and architects we will look into code-level analysis and automatic dependency detection…

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Performance Clinic – Mastering Cloud Foundry with Dynatrace – Episode 1

In this first episode, Mike Villiger, Sr. Technical Partner Manager, together with Daniela Rabiser, Technical Product Manager will walk us through commonly seen use cases such as detecting unhealthy Diego cells or measuring the impact of faulty Gorouter sizing or configuration. Mike & Daniela will demo the latest product enhancements such as platform metrics and management zones based on Cloud Foundry Organizations and much more …


Performance Clinic – Advanced Monitoring of AWS with Dynatrace

Dynatrace provides out-of-the-box Fullstack monitoring of your AWS stack through our OneAgent (EC2, ECS, BeanStalk, …), OneAgent PaaS (Fargate, Lambda …), CloudWatch Metrics (RDS, ALBs, NLB, DynamoDB, …) as well as Log Analytics through OneAgent, CloudTrail & S3. In this advanced monitoring session Andreas Grabner, Global Technology Lead for AWS, does a deep dive hands-on on how to automate the rollout of Dynatrace, how to feed additional data from CloudWatch, how to efficiently leverage Log Analytics and how to enable No-Touch Container Monitoring!


Monitoring Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

In this webinar series, we are tackling some of the biggest challenges organizations face when migrating and managing enterprise cloud environments. Join Daniel Kaar, Dynatrace expert, as he shows how software intelligence allows you to: - Get deeper operational insights into your enterprise cloud environment - Gain microservice level visibility without complex instrumentation - Find new ways to automate your operations and accelerate innovation


The Secret to Enterprise Cloud Monitoring isn’t Monitoring

In this session, Roman Spitzbart, Senior Director Sales Engineering EMEA at Dynatrace will show you that Dynatrace is your single pane of glass, its fully automated approach will help you to keep up with the complexity and the AI delivers answers instead of just more data - so you can spend more time innovating, not troubleshooting.


Performance Clinic – Advanced Business Impact Analysis with Dynatrace

How much money do we lose during a system outage? How does bad performance impact our conversion rate? How many end users are impacted after a bad deployment? To answer these and more questions join this performance clinic with Alistair Emslie and Andreas Grabner. Alistair is going to walk us through how he is answering these questions, fully automated, leveraging the Dynatrace API. Alistair will showcase his Chrome extension which rapidly enhances every Dynatrace AI-detected Problem with insight on how Conversion Goals or even Revenue have been impacted during the time of the impact. For revenue generating applications the extension gives you an indication of potential revenue loss and for internal applications, understand how productivity might have dropped!


How PayPal & BARBRI are managing the new landscape of IT complexity

In this webinar, Performance Engineer Mark Tomlinson from PayPal and Mark Kaplan, Director of IT at BARBRI, join us to unpack our report: Lost in the Cloud: The 2018 Global CIO Report. They also share how their organizations are AI and fully automated performance monitoring to control for complexity and set the stage for continuous improvement and growth.

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