Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is one of the two fundamental constituents of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), the other one being Synthetic monitoring. DEM is defined by Gartner as an availability and performance monitoring discipline that supports the optimization of the operational experience and behavior of a digital agent, human or machine, as it interacts with enterprise applications and services.

Dynatrace RUM gives you the power to know your customers by providing performance analysis in real time. This includes all user actions taken and how the various actions impact performance. You can also easily identify problems or errors that occurred as well as user experience ratings, geolocation breakdowns, and much more. You can also gain insight into the behavior of your users. This among others includes the number of customers who return to your site. With Dynatrace RUM, you have the context over time and immediate analysis to the complete picture of your end-user experience.

Dynatrace Real User Monitoring is licensed based on the consumption of user sessions. For details, see Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM units).

Basic concepts

Setup and configuration

How to use Real User Monitoring