OneAgent release notes version 1.193

Rollout start 29 May 2020

With this release, the oldest supported OneAgent versions are:

Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE Premium
1.175 1.169

How long are versions supported following rollout?

New features and enhancements


  • Added support for Mule (HTTP Listener) 4.1.1, 4.2.0
  • Added support for Huawei 8 for Linux (AArch64)
  • Added support for Huawei 8 for Linux, Alpine Linux 64-bit (x86), Windows (x86)

Resolved issues

General availability (Build 1.193.159)

33 total resolved issues (1 critical issue, 1 vulnerability)

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 1
Java 4
.NET 2
Node.js 1
agent build 2.0 1
All modules 5 (1 vulnerability)
cluster 1
General 4 (1 critical)
Mainframe 2
OneAgent Installer 3
OS module 6


  • Autoupdater process improved to prevent issues related to host time change. (APM-232077)


  • The Java UEM sensor has now stopped replicating its state cookie during beacon requests. (ONE-38247)
  • Resolved issue with broken PurePaths (service flows) when "TIBCO BusinessWorks version 5.x" is enabled. (ONE-34825)
  • Many cancelled HTTP requests with WebFlux HTTP client no longer result in missing data from agents. (ONE-34953)
  • Fixed stitching of PurePaths between node.js and akka.http tier. (ONE-38295)


  • Improved stability of .NET Asp.NET OWIN Katana request capture. (ONE-36599)
  • Support for Grpc.AspNetCore 2.28 has been added. (ONE-36268)


  • Fixed issue that caused OneAgent configuration update failures. (ONE-36467)


  • Digits in Kubernetes namespaces are no longer replaced with asterisks. (APM-225891)
  • PHP no longer crashes at AutoSensor after Closure::__invoke() is called. (ONE-38267)
  • Fixed processing of the unknown include type which may lead to crash (ONE-36816)

agent build 2.0

  • Resolved issue with Java version detection. (ONE-36219)

All modules

  • Vulnerability: Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1g (ONE-37754)
  • Fixed regression preventing Windows services written in Go programming language from starting. (ONE-39714)
  • Azure memory reporting corrected in standalone mode. (ONE-36482)
  • OneAgent more robust to prevent situation in which Node.js applications running on Cloud Foundry sometimes crashed. (ONE-38773)
  • Identifying and removing NewRelic agent with another name (new_relic_agent-*.jar) (ONE-38483)


  • Corrected process group ID calculation for CICS and IMS processes. (APM-236659)


  • Critical issue: Fixed potential crash of 32-bit applications on Windows operating systems older than Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016. (APM-237747)
  • When OneAgent runs in a container, external NFS and CIFS mounts are monitored. (APM-238399)
  • Corrected the aging of internal directories. (APM-236127)
  • OneAgent SQL normalizer now correctly detects column names (for example, "a"."b"."c" without blanking out the "c" part). (APM-230464)


  • Support archive for zRemote now fetches large mainframe files. (ONE-36254)
  • zRemote no longer crashes under load. (ONE-36137)

OneAgent Installer

  • Tags and properties without a value are no longer considered malformed. (APM-241283)
  • OneAgent update no longer displays invalid error messages about file removal. (APM-231412)
  • Changes in the path handling of runtime configuration caused some troubles in zRemote installer. These were fixed by having the installer create the paths itself. (APM-231584)

OS module

  • Disk exclusion rules now also apply to non-local filesystem types (NFS and CIFS). (APM-229773)
  • The "container cpu user usage" is calculated incorrectly when "decreaseUpdateFrequency" is set to True globally on the tenant. (APM-239447)
  • Fixed problem where only 5 of 6 samples were taken for container CPU usage statistics. (APM-239171)
  • Process availability: monitored and crashed state reporting improved. (APM-232723)
  • Improved Node.js version detection on systems with multiple containers with multiple Node.js versions. (APM-239378)
  • Page faults metrics are now updated correctly. (APM-236006)

Update 159 (1.193.159)

OneAgent Installer

  • Tags and properties without a value are no longer considered malformed. (APM-241283)

Update 170 (1.193.170)

5 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
All modules 2
Java 1
Logging module 1
OS module 1

All modules

  • Host memory metrics (free, reclaimable, used) for Azure, standalone mode, now gathered correctly. (ONE-39895)
  • Reclaimable memory and free memory now calculated correctly (ONE-32283)


  • Resolved issue in which additional extraneous nodes for "requests to unmonitored hosts" seen with WebFlux HTTP client introspection. (ONE-40297)

Logging module

  • Added ability to disable spammer detection mechanism in LogAgent via agent debug flag. (APM-242056)

OS module

  • "Containers > CPU Throttling ratio" metric no longer missing fractional part. (APM-242594)

Update 177 (1.193.177)

AI causation engine

  • The native correlation statistics output message is now correctly displayed. (ONE-39837)

Update 180 (1.193.180)


  • Kernel crashes on AIX caused by OneAgent kernel module have now been fixed. (APM-243133)


  • Fixed a problem in the XHR module that caused errors because the fired events were not real Event objects (ONE-35863)
  • Fixed a problem that occurred in the Basic XHR module that caused not all eventhandlers to fire (ONE-34914)
  • Fixed a bug in the JS Agent that would occur if an agent in a child frame tries to communicate with an agent in the top frame with a different version. (ONE-36319)