Set up Dynatrace on Heroku

Heroku is a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables you to build and run applications in the cloud. Applications deployed to Heroku are usually run through one or more buildpacks that provide framework and runtime support.


The Heroku buildpack for Dynatrace OneAgent is language independent and can be used with any Dynatrace supported language, including Node.js-based applications. If you’ve used the Dynatrace NPM module for PaaS module, you can remove it from your dependencies as the buildpack discovers and instruments your Node.js applications automatically.

You also no longer need to rely on releases of the Dynatrace OneAgent dependencies for NPM. The Heroku buildpack for Dynatrace OneAgent automatically fetches the latest version of Dynatrace OneAgent so that you can receive potential fixes as quickly and easily as possible. If you’ve specified a default OneAgent installation version for new hosts and applications in your OneAgent update settings, the Heroku buildpack for Dynatrace OneAgent will download the defined default version of Dynatrace OneAgent.


Deploy OneAgent on Heroku

Update OneAgent on Heroku

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