Heroku performance monitoring

Easy out-of-the-box support for all your Heroku applications with a single Dynatrace buildpack

Monitoring done right

Dynatrace offers a dedicated buildpack that allows you to start cloud-native monitoring of your Heroku applications or specific Heroku Dynos without modification of your applications’ source code. Once your Heroku applications are monitored with Dynatrace OneAgent, you’ll receive the full range of application and service monitoring visibility that Dynatrace provides.

Automatic discovery of your application end-to-end, down to dynamic instances.
Dynatrace is the only APM vendor covering the full stack in one consistent data model for AI-powered full stack analytics.
The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your web application running on Heroku in one spot

Heroku monitoring with Dynatrace will get you

  • Real user monitoring data on customers’ web browser and mobile device behavior
  • AI-powered analysis of web applications and auto-scaling to all sizes of apps
  • Automated memory monitoring for all your dynos
  • Code-level details for Java, PHP, Node.js, Nginx, Go, and more – with just a single, language-independent buildpack
  • Insights into complex service call sequences as well as service traces back to the initial user actions
  • Automated external and third-party service monitoring (e.g., calls to external REST APIs)

Resolve problems in less time

Artificial intelligence changes the handling of issues entirely. That goes for Heroku and all other major cloud and microservices:

  • Automatic performance baselines
  • Anomaly detection before customers are impacted
  • Touch-free fully automated root cause analysis
  • Single notification with business impact & root cause

Perfectly integrates with non-Heroku stacks too

  • One Smartscape for every environment
  • Integrates off-loaded Heroku deployments with rest of your cloud and on premises deployments
  • Auto-scaling with your Heroku & non-Heroku apps

Start monitoring your Heroku applications now!

You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes:
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