Dynatrace supports OneAgent installation on z/OS to extend PurePath transaction-based tracing to mainframe environments. OneAgent for z/OS includes the following modules: CICS code module, IMS code module, Java code module, z/OS Data Collection subsystem (zDC), and zRemote.

OneAgent for z/OS architecture

z/OS architecture

CICS code module

CICS code module of OneAgent traces CICS transactions initiated using IBM MQ (Bridge or Trigger), CICS Transaction Gateway, HTTP/S, SOAP (over HTTP/S) or 3270 terminal. The CICS code module also traces DB2, DL/I and MQ API calls as well as any programs invoked using CICS Link.

IMS code module

The IMS code module of OneAgent traces IMS transactions submitted from IMS MQ Bridge or MQ Trigger Monitor, IMS TM Resource Adapter, IMS SOAP Gateway, 3270 terminal or IMS Connect API. The IMS code module also traces DB2, DL/I and MQ API calls.

Java code module

The Java code module of OneAgent traces web requests on WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty. It traces requests to CICS SOAP, CICS Transaction Gateway, IBM MQ and IMS SOAP Gateway. The Java code module also traces web requests on z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.


The z/OS Data Collection subsystem (zDC) controls communication between the OneAgent code modules and the zLocal component.

The zLocal component, hosted in z/OS Unix environment, runs as part of zDC. The zLocal handles the TCP/IP connection and transfers data between the mainframe and the distributed Dynatrace component called zRemote.


The zRemote is a distributed Dynatrace component that can run in a 64 bit Windows or Linux environment. The zRemote processes the data from the OneAgent code modules that are channeled by zLocal and relays the aggregated data to Dynatrace ActiveGate.

The zRemote offloads much of the OneAgent processing from the code modules thereby reducing the MSU load incurred in instrumenting mainframe applications.