Management zones

Management zones are a powerful information-partitioning mechanism that promote focus on specific parts of your observed topology and the sharing of relevant team-specific data while simultaneously ensuring secure access control.

Each customizable management zone comprises a set of monitored entities or dimensional data (such as metrics) in your environment, be it hosts that share a common purpose, a specific application, a staging environment, or the services of a certain technology. Entities are readied and grouped for inclusion in management zones or for automatic tagging by Dynatrace conditional processing.

Management zones may overlap, just as team responsibilities often overlap. Users may be granted access to entire environments, a specific management zone, or a subset of related management zones. Dynatrace users see auto-filtered views comprised of only the management zones that they have access to. Users who have access to multiple management zones can focus on any particular management zone and filter all Dynatrace views so that they only see the metrics that are related to the entities of that particular management zone.

The Problems page is also filtered based on the selected management zone—only those problems that affect entities in the currently selected management zone are included. However, when a problem spans multiple management zones, users see a full end-to-end view of the problem, but can only analyze the details of the hosts, processes, services, and applications that they have permission to view within their assigned management zones. This ensures productive and effective collaboration while still enforcing rigid access restrictions where it matters.