Management zones

Permissions done right for dynamic cloud applications. Fine grained access control for microservices and container environments.

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Easily provide tailored views for your teams.

Tailored views as easy as 1-2-3

  • Automatically group application components to management zones
  • Grant access rights based on team responsibilities
  • Focus on what is important with filtered views
Filtered Smartscape for a cloud platform team.

In this example the platform team has access to a group of hosts and their processes, but no visibility into services and applications.

Better visibility and more focus for your teams

Unmatched ease of use

Cloud platform teams

Leverage filtered views and synchronisation with cloud platform structures and permissions.

Root-cause analysis powered by AI

Application teams

Focus on the application. Management zones and their entities may also overlap for DevOps or other cross cutting roles.

Scaling with your application


Root-cause analysis will automatically show which teams' components are causing issues.

In sync with your cloud platform

With our rule based approach it's easy to stay in sync with dynamic platforms.

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry orgs and spaces
  • Redhat Openshift pods and services
  • Powerful rules management
Dynamic management zone for Pivotal cloud foundry services.

Simplify and automate tailored monitoring for your teams

Management zones are a unique approach to redefine permissions for a cloud-native world.

  • Powerful rules keep management zones up to date automatically
  • Provide access to your user groups based on responsibilities, even if they are overlapping.
  • Configure permissions with an intuitive interface
Set permissions for individual management zones for your user groups.

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