Log Monitoring

With Log Monitoring as a part of the Dynatrace platform, you gain direct access to the log content of all your mission-critical processes. You can create custom log metrics for smarter and faster troubleshooting. You will be able to understand log data in the context of your full stack, including real user impacts.

Log data analysis

Analyze significant log events across multiple logs, across parts of the environment (production), and potentially over a longer timeframe. Log content can be filtered based on keywords or timeframe. For immediate notification, set alerts for monitored log data. Most significantly, Dynatrace artificial intelligence automatically correlates log messages with problems it detects in your environment and factors the messages into problem root-cause analysis.

Log data alerting

Define patterns and custom log metrics to receive proactive notifications. Log Monitoring enables you to create a metric based on your monitored log data. With such a metric, you can have Dynatrace continuously scan your monitored log data and display a chart of that metric on your dashboard so that any pattern changes that occur in your custom metric will be clearly visible.

Pricing framework

Log Monitoring pricing is based on the Davis data units (DDUs) model. See Log monitoring consumption for details on how DDU consumption is calculated for Log Monitoring.

Log Monitoring v1 and v2

Log Monitoring v2 is available only for Dynatrace SaaS customers. Log Monitoring v2 is a new approach to acquiring, analyzing, and monitoring log data. Be sure to consider the following before moving to Log Monitoring v2:

  • No data will be copied from Log Monitoring v1 storage.
  • Log Monitoring v1 metrics configuration will not be migrated to Log Monitoring v2.
  • Events defined in Log Monitoring v1 will not work in Log Monitoring v2.

Pricing for Log Monitoring v2, like Log Monitoring v1, is based on the Davis data units (DDUs) model.

Aspect Log Monitoring v1 Log Monitoring v2
Log files auto discovery Auto discovery with OneAgent module Auto discovery with OneAgent module
Manual log files configuration Configuration on process group level Configuration on process group level
On-demand access to log files on monitored host Yes No
Pricing framework Based on DDU consumption
(default retention period - 35 days)
Based on DDU consumption
(default retention period - 35 days)
Data retention period Possible to change in Settings 35 days by default.
Alert generation Possible Generate alerts based on log streamed to central storage
Metric generation Possible for: occurrences and numerical value extracted from log message Possible to define metrics based on occurrences of log event
Configure data stream to central storage Log sources page in Settings Log sources page in Settings
Generic log data ingestion engine No Yes
Syslog support Deprecated No