Application Security

Dynatrace Application Security enables you to detect, visualize, analyze, monitor, and remediate open-source and third-party vulnerabilities in production and pre-production environments at runtime.

Once you activate and enable this feature, you can:

  • Get an overview of each vulnerability supported by detailed information that provides additional context, enabling you to dig deeper and examine exposed or affected processes, data storages, libraries, and entities.
  • Automatically and continuously identify changes, prioritize alerts, and get precise answers about the source, nature, and severity of vulnerabilities.

Activate Application Security

Dynatrace Application Security is licensed based on the consumption of Application Security units.

If you’re already a Dynatrace customer and you want to activate Application Security, contact a Dynatrace product specialist via in-product chat or speak to your account executive. Our DevOps team will evaluate your environment and then activate Application Security.