Application Security

Dynatrace Application Security enables you to detect, visualize, analyze, monitor, and remediate open-source and third-party vulnerabilities in production and pre-production environments at runtime.

1. Activate

Dynatrace Application Security is licensed based on the consumption of Application Security units. If you’re already a Dynatrace customer and you want to activate Application Security, contact a Dynatrace product specialist via in-product chat or speak to your account executive. Our DevOps team will evaluate your environment and then activate Application Security.

2. Enable

To start monitoring security issues in your environment, you need to enable the Application Security and OneAgent features. See Get started with Application Security for instructions.

3. Configure

You can create, reorder, modify, and delete custom monitoring rules for Dynatrace-monitored processes.

4. Explore

With Application Security, you can:

5. Evaluate

To understand how Application Security identifies vulnerabilities and how it determines their priorities, see Security problem management.