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Application Security

Lower enterprise risk with automatic vulnerability management and protection and enable intelligent automation of DevSecOps throughout the lifecycle.

Detect and remediate Log4Shell with Dynatrace

Learn how to protect your systems with the latest blogs, webinars, and podcasts in our Log4Shell resource center.
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A unique approach to securing cloud-native applications and container workloads

  • Identify vulnerabilities in production code automatically

    Get real-time, continuous surveillance with full runtime context, no agents to install, no static scans, and no manual analysis

  • Prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities using Davis AI

    Eliminate false positives and focus teams on the actions with the highest impact with automatic risk assessment using integrated security and observability context.

  • Real-time attack detection and blocking

    Get runtime application and self-protection for key OWASP threats including SQL injections and command injections.

  • Operationalize and remediate with intelligent automation

    Automatically open security tickets in tools like ServiceNow or Jira with added intelligence and context to help developers prioritize and fix faster. Track everything with built-in security dashboards and APIs for custom reporting.

Empower teams to drive better business outcomes

  • More time for innovation
  • Improved enterprise risk mitigration
  • More efficient collaboration
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A powerful part of the Dynatrace platform

Continuous runtime vulnerability detection, AI-powered risk assessment, and real-time protection helps customers intelligently automate DevSecOps to innovate faster with less risk and better business outcomes.

Identify runtime vulnerabilities automatically

Continuously detect vulnerabilities in your production environment in real time.

Automatically understand risk with enhanced context

Our AI engine, Davis, calculates an individual risk assessment for each vulnerability and provides actionable context. We combine security intelligence and real-time application context to determine if the vulnerability has public Internet exposure, access to sensitive data, and which other services or apps are dependent or affected.

Prioritize actions with the greatest impact

Help teams immediately determine the most critical vulnerabilities and prioritize them. Davis Security Advisor recommends which actions to take to make the most impact. Unlike scanners, false positives won't show up on this list – saving you time and enabling teams to focus on innovation.

Get real-time information on all affected processes enabling targeted remediation

Dynatrace automatically tracks everything that’s affected by each vulnerability and opens a security ticket in your tools like ServiceNow or Jira.

Stay up to speed with built-in security reporting

The Application Security Overview provides a snapshot for CISO reporting highlighting how many vulnerabilities have been discovered, which are critical, and the systems affected in the past 30 days.

Power better DevSecOps collaboration

See integrated security and observability metrics in one dashboard.

Interactive Tour

See the platform in action

Explore our interactive product tour to see how the automation and intelligence at the core of the Dynatrace platform enable DevSecOps teams to increase efficiency up to 75%, and innovation throughput up to 80%.
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Securing cloud-native applications

The way modern apps are developed and run is changing at light speed, and traditional tools for securing them just can’t keep up.

Download this eBook from analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group to hear what 383 cybersecurity professionals think about:

  • The current and future composition of cloud-native apps and infrastructure.
  • The security challenges and threats that result from this new complexity.
  • How integrated security platforms & automation can close the cloud security maturity gap.
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As part of our digital transformation journey, Auto Club Group adopted a multi-cloud strategy, along with agile and SecDevOps approaches to delivering modern applications. However, these practices can introduce gaps in security and observability on exploitable vulnerabilities in the run-time stack, like the recent critical Log4J Shell vulnerability. Turning on the Dynatrace Application Security Module™, we were able to quickly identify vulnerabilities while having the capability to continuously monitor the security environment in our critical business applications.
Gopal Padinjaruveetil CISO Auto Club Group