Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.229


  • To make more space available to your visualizations, we reduced the margin space for all Data explorer visualization types, and we made legend display optional for graphs and pie charts.
  • To improve tile readability, we increased the font size for tile titles and table headers. We plan to make the font size configurable in an upcoming release.

Application Security

You can now integrate security problem notifications using webhooks.

Service-level objectives

You can now add SLOs to management zones.

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Environment-level outage handling defaults: You can define default outage handling behavior at the environment level for all browser monitors or all HTTP monitors. When enabled, these defaults apply to all browser or HTTP monitors that do not override them with monitor-specific outage handling settings.
  • Number of consecutive failures for global outages: You can now specify the number of consecutive failures (1–5) for a global outage problem, that is, how many times all locations need to fail consecutively in order to generate a global outage problem.
  • Chromium auto-update: You can now enable auto-update of Chromium on all Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates assigned to a private Synthetic location. This setting applies only to Linux-based ActiveGates; on Windows-based ActiveGates, Chromium is always updated during Synthetic engine updates. The minimum ActiveGate version for which Chromium can be auto-updated is 1.223.

Metric events for alerting

Metric events for alerting using the Build tab and advanced query mode now apply the same metric dimension limits that are applied to metric-selector-based configurations.

Metrics API: dimension keys

The Metrics API v2 no longer supports legacy dimension keys in metric selectors. Use dt.entity.<entity_type>, not <entity_type>. For example, for a host dimension, use dt.entity.host, not Host. For more information, see Metric ingestion protocol.

Prometheus metrics

Prometheus metrics from exporters in Kubernetes that aren’t running on a OneAgent-monitored node now consume DDUs.

Injection update

With this release, svchost.exe is excluded from injection. This eliminates certain timeout issues with Windows Server 2019 at boot.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.229.

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.229.135)

24 total resolved issues (1 critical issue)


  • Improved accuracy of user count displayed on application "Error details" page. (APM-328317)
  • Improved consistency of "Session details" page display of application type. (APM-324830)
  • Resolved client-side exception caused by error on "User sessions" page. (APM-325735)
  • When filtering "User sessions" page for user tags with double quotes, filter suggestions are now correctly displayed. (APM-325680)
  • Fixed an issue in which, for custom "User sessions" metrics and custom "Log Monitoring v2" metrics on multi-data center Dynatrace Managed clusters, some dimension tuples sometimes disappeared, depending on the query timeframe. (APM-327203)
  • Data explorer: improved display of warning messages. (APM-328451)


  • Management zone rule definition for "Rule applies to": "Queue" no longer results in web UI crash. (APM-326121)
  • Kubernetes event reason strings are now truncated when they exceed valid length. (APM-326520)
  • Displayed data retention period is now correct for trial tenants. (APM-327900)
  • Resolved an issue in which settings updates on host and host group level were not propagated to already connected OneAgents. (APM-330828)

Application Security

  • Fixed timing issue that could result in a 403 instead of properly redirecting to the "Application Security Overview" page. (CASP-11413)

Cloud Automation

  • Fixed permission handling for the "Add new SLO" button on the "Service-level objectives" page. (APM-330629)

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Dynatrace Hub, extension details page: permission checks are now correct in activation flow. (APM-325613)

Log Monitoring

  • Improved handling of whitespace characters on "Log events" page. (APM-323182)
  • Critical issue: Log Monitoring v2 histogram queries are now executed significantly faster. (APM-332250)
  • Log Viewer: whitespace characters are now trimmed from the table column filter select box. After copying values, columns are displayed properly and facets are turned off. (APM-319051)


  • It's no longer possible to create stored metric queries for metrics without the required "func:" prefix through the settings endpoint or extensions. (APM-328522)

Problem detection and notifications

  • A maintenance window set to occur during a daylight saving time change is no longer invalid. (APM-326998)

Synthetic monitoring

  • The monitor-level performance threshold is now correctly duplicated when the "Duplicate" feature of the Synthetic monitors list is used. (APM-326798)
  • Disabled Chromium auto-update. (APM-328535)

Transactions and services

  • Resolved an issue in which custom chart didn't show existing key requests. (APM-330613)

User interface

  • The "Recent" tab of the global timeframe selector now shows correct selection of recent timeframe settings. (APM-329724)
  • Removed inactive "Access tokens" entry from the Dynatrace menu for users who don't have configuration permissions. (APM-329182)
  • Resolved an issue in which the Settings menu for services didn't show up correctly for users with limited access rights. (APM-330413)

Update 141 (1.229.141)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.229 release.


  • Improved user action classification (some user actions of action type "Load" were classified as action type "Xhr"). (APM-333176)