Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.228

New KEYS function for USQL

We introduced a new KEYS(customProperty) function for our User Sessions Query Language (USQL). Use this function to get keys of user action and user session properties according to the property data type defined in the argument. For more details, see Custom queries, segmentation, and aggregation of session data.

Enhanced user actions naming

User action naming rules, that were still using action naming rules v2 are automatically migrated to naming rules v2 where possible. To learn more about user actions naming, see User actions and Create custom names for user actions.

Configure Angular package name for web applications

To improve web application monitoring, you can now configure Angular package name for Angular 12 applications.

Dynatrace web UI updates

  • You can now pin a filtered Problems dashboard tile from the Problems page.
  • Kubernetes cluster details page now has additional navigation controls that make it possible to navigate to the related namespaces, workloads, and pods of the Kubernetes cluster.
  • To improve consistency with other Kubernetes pages, navigation links on the Kubernetes cluster details page have been moved to the browse menu ("…") in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • On the service details page, we have improved how the initial analysis timeframe is selected to make sure it always contains data.

Davis feedback

We have added an in-product feature for users to share feedback about Davis in problem analysis views. Providing feedback helps us review how Davis is performing and make improvements where possible.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.228.

Removed endpoints

Deprecated API v2 endpoints /metrics/descriptors and /metrics/series are removed.

These endpoints are superseded by endpoints /metrics and /metrics/query respectively. To learn how to use these endpoints, see Metrics API - GET metrics and Metrics API - GET metric data points.

Early Adopter availability

The following APIs are now available in Early Adopter release:

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.228.81)

31 total resolved issues


  • Resolved issue that caused error when pinning tile to dashboard. (APM-325606)
  • Fixed new user filter query. (APM-323685)
  • Resolved "Data explorer" issue in which renaming a metric expression failed after copy and paste of a query. (APM-323836)
  • Changed max displayed decimals of application page details KPM infographic values to two. (APM-325052)
  • Fixed broken PurePath links in the application waterfall analysis. (APM-324459)
  • Fixed an edge case that prevented failing XHRs to be marked as such in the waterfall. (APM-325921)
  • Resolved Apdex calculation deviation in application multidimensional analysis. (APM-326557)
  • While in problem context, observed users now considered for user sessions listed on application error details pages. (APM-323377)


  • Resolved issue that prevented editing of configurations when a maximal number of configurations was reached. (APM-325256)
  • Resolved issue that prevented editing of configurations with nonexistent scopes. (APM-325554)
  • Filters with no value now relay the appropriate value to servers. (APM-323681)
  • Resolved an issue that could cause rollbacks to old settings. (APM-327754)
  • Added control to switch from page instance to its page groups. (APM-323915)
  • Fixed `ConversionValidationException` issue occurring during conversion of mainframe configuration to new Settings 2.0 schema. (APM-325526)


  • Updated wording in pages that still referenced custom charts but linked to the "Data explorer" page. (APM-326223)
  • Fixed migration of custom charts to "Data explorer" for metrics with `Sum(avg/time)` or `Rate` aggregation. (APM-324958)

Dynatrace API

  • Fixed a bug in which some values that were returned by the Monitored entities API v2 could not be used in the entity selector. (APM-323251)
  • Updated `Entity selector` error messages for REST APIs, management zones, and automatically applied tags settings web UI. (APM-323045)
  • Resolved issue in which the severity value for APPLICATION_ERROR_RATE_INCREASED events was wrongly formatted in the Events API v1 and Problems API v1 as a value between 0 and 1; it is now formatted as a percentage between 0 and 100. (APM-325258)

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Fixed a bug where events were not reported for AWS and VMware integrations after client reinitialization (for example, after temporary connection problems). (APM-325169)
  • Automatic monitoring configuration update is enabled for new versions that only add feature sets. (APM-325580)

Log Monitoring

  • Log Monitoring v2 self-enablement is no longer blocked due to too-early OneAgent version. Instead, log ingest from OneAgents earlier than version 1.217 is blocked on tenants using Log Monitoring v2. (APM-326039)

Problem detection and notifications

  • Fixed an issue with Davis not correctly following up on baseline trigger events, sometimes not finding an explanation (APM-325532)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a browser monitor due to inconsistent performance threshold validation. (APM-326315)
  • Resolved error upon saving an HTTP monitor via REST API when a null `thresholds` object was provided in the `loadingTimeThresholds` object. (APM-326231)
  • Fixed "UNEXCEPTED" typo in HTTP monitor health status. (APM-326048)

Transactions and services

  • Resolved issue in which multidimensional analysis chart and exception details analysis pages showed different values. (APM-322715)
  • Calculated service metrics condition "relative URL" now also handles client-side information. (APM-325260)

User interface

  • Host details page no longer shows option to change monitoring mode and state when the user doesn't have permissions for such actions. (APM-325733)
  • Added explanations in web UI for why automatic update could not be performed in two cases (automatic update unsupported for Windows OS version or OneAgent version). (APM-323647)
  • Kubernetes pod details page, "Properties" section, "Type" field displays the correct upper-most controller type. (APM-326030)

Update 89 (1.228.89)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.228 release.

2 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Synthetic monitoring 1
User interface 1

Synthetic monitoring

  • Disabled chromium auto-update functionality. (APM-328535)

User interface

  • Removed inactive "Access tokens" entry from the Dynatrace menu for users who don't have configuration permissions. (APM-329182)