Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.224


Added support for filtering Data explorer tiles on dashboards.

Problem detection

We have introduced a metric for Davis event ingestion.

Log monitoring v2

  • We have introduced the ability to define custom index log data attributes for log data that is ingested, see Log custom attributes.
  • We have introduced the ability to create log events based on log data and use them in problem detection, see Log events.

Release monitoring

You can now filter the Release inventory table by the build version.

User session segmentation

With this release, you can try our updated User sessions page, which we have redesigned to make user session analysis simpler and easier.

  • To opt in to the new view, go to Session segmentation in the Dynatrace menu and turn on Try it now.
  • Your feedback matters a lot to us. Please don't forget to select Give us feedback and tell us how you would improve the page.

Dynatrace API

To learn about changes to the Dynatrace API in this release, see Dynatrace API changelog version 1.224.

Resolved issues

Cluster Saas (Build 1.224.70)

20 total resolved issues


  • The "User sessions" > "Conversions vs bounces" chart now displays a tooltip on hover. (APM-312164)
  • On "User sessions" page, when a category from the side panel is applied, the "Return to sessions" link now correctly preserves global timeframe and filters. (APM-312363)

Synthetic monitoring

  • Fixed an issue with browser monitor breadcrumbs. (APM-313343)
  • URLs that are used only as additional information for Synthetic actions are no longer shortened. (APM-314301)
  • Fixed issue with missing timings for Synthetic user actions. (APM-313751)


  • Fixed an issue in which StatsD disabled itself on the host after some minutes. (APM-314325)
  • Fixed issue with long request time for `Host settings` > `Detected processes`. (APM-315254)
  • Fixed an issue with read masking for pages. (APM-307851)
  • On the `Declarative process grouping` page, each rule now has an enable/disable switch, and new migration from custom process grouping to declarative process grouping sets rules to disabled by default. (APM-315180)
  • Resolved issue in which DDU pool was not disabled/re-enabled, and notification was not updated, if pool limit was configured and consumption was greater than 21,474,836.47 in limit timeframe (month/year). (APM-314053)

Dynatrace API

  • Added support for `UserAction` and `Session` properties of type LONG_STRING to Configuration API. (APM-315513)

Problem detection and notifications

  • Fixed an issue in which the displayed number of open problems differed between mobile app and web UI. (APM-314219)
  • Fixed an availability alerting bug related to evaluation of the host group and host settings when "Use global anomaly detection settings" was selected after editing host or host group settings. (APM-315121)

Transactions and services

  • Web service name simplified to no longer contain host or process group information. (APM-315412)
  • Improved database service detection where no port is detected: if the candidate process group suggested by the topology has the technology of the database, it is associated with the database call; otherwise, it is associated only with the host. (APM-314790)

User interface

  • Corrected the link to documentation from user details (go to "Session segmentation" and select a user, and then select the "Learn more" link for the "Extended users..." switch). (APM-313905)
  • On the user details page, the "Extended users..." switch is never disabled now if there is at least one extended user for the specified timeframe. (APM-314148)
  • When license is expired, we provide now correct email in top bar. (APM-315761)
  • Session list filters are no longer lost when changing filters on "Session details" page. (APM-313278)
  • On the "User sessions" page, if a filter button would result in 0 matching items, the button is disabled. (APM-306087)

Update 74 (1.224.74)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.224 release.

Update 76 (1.224.76)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.224 release.

Update 80 (1.224.80)

This is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for the 1.224 release.