Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.176

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

14 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Session Replay 2
Log monitoring 1
Cluster 6
Autonomous Cloud 2
User Interface 1
.NET 1


  • Disabling anomaly detection for mobile apps was fixed. (APM-191374)

Session Replay

  • Session Replay enabling switch toggle does not accurately show the current state (APM-191706)
  • Mouse pointer disappears when hovering events on the timeline (APM-192677)

Log monitoring

  • Log monitoring search pattern input field HTML escaping has been fixed - now it is again possible to type tags as a part of search query. Another issue fixed is displaying search pattern validation error on log event settings screen, which before the fix has not been shown. (APM-191614)


  • Fix Azure dashboard UI glitch - list of functions might not have been refreshed. (APM-188999)
  • Fix UI problem with moving some charts to the left using mouse pointer. (APM-190099)
  • Fixed an issue when filtering by tags. (APM-192162)
  • Symbolication: fixed some symbol names were displayed as filenames (APM-190641)
  • Mobile App: fixed no more closed problems visible in mobile app when AI 2 was used (APM-192856)
  • fix for Public API REST call to return list of all locations and nodes. (APM-193336)

Autonomous Cloud

  • A TLS exception is now displayed correctly instead of a pending request (APM-192039)
  • Fix caching issue of Kubernetes limit configuration (APM-194269)

User Interface

  • Non-latin characters in the name are not properly displayed in the user menu (APM-192632)


  • Hide empty .NET garbage collection charts on .NET metrics tab in process details. (ONE-27595)