Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.171

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

Code level analytics

  • Request naming rule: Fix "not exists" condition (APM-178060)
  • Transaction Storage: React faster to license changes (APM-178229)
  • Request Attributes: Align length limit for postprocessing test string in UI and backend algorithm (APM-179099)
  • Method hotspots show proper info when no data is available (APM-177690)
  • Service details: The response time distribution chart for service instances now properly handles missing data (APM-178149)
  • Misleading "Not enough disk space" notification when session replay is located on different disk than transaction storage. (APM-178444)
  • Minor UI issues on global request naming settings page (APM-180028)
  • Error detection is not order agnostic for multiple request attribute values (APM-181233)
  • Cloud provider information missing for database services (APM-181530)


  • Fixed validation for uploaded R8 mapping files. (APM-181073)
  • Fixed update of the USQL query in the url every time it is run. (APM-179901)
  • Fixed styling when USQL's pie chart legend labels are too large. (APM-179904)
  • Fixed ordering of USQL's pie chart categories to be descending. (APM-180263)

Session Replay

  • Some browsers are reporting negative coordinates for mouse clicks and scroll events. Sessions recorded under those circumstances can be replayed properly. (APM-178782)
  • Sessions recorded with previous versions could stop working after introducing management zones support for session replay. (APM-177380)
  • The sessions were closed suddenly preventing them from appearing in the session list. (APM-176997)
  • Replay events (mouse moves, clicks, ...) were not visible during session replay. (APM-181113)
  • SVG files loaded by the extension are not being displayed (APM-179500)
  • Playback of inline SVG trees will execute their <script> nodes (APM-180404)
  • Accessing Session Replay site from IE gives a TDP (APM-183687)
  • Scroll position may be misplaced after jumping to a point in the timeline (APM-180354)
  • HTTP resources linked from stylesheets not properly retrieved at replay (APM-180578)
  • Pointers for errors and annoyances not painted correctly in the timeline (APM-181326)
  • Pointers for load events in the timeline are misplaced on top of user interactions (APM-182221)


  • DB Insights Early Access Program: Oracle database monitoring would leak memory into Oracle PGA at a rate of 1 MB / 15 minutes, possibly indefinitely. This fix resolves the memory leak by recreating JDBC connections as soon as the leaking V$SQLAREA query was used. The issue is caused by Oracle V$SQLAREA implementation. Implemented fix which causes the JDBC connection to be closed as soon as the leaking views are invoked. Thus the memory is freed immediately and no leak appears. (APM-177552)
  • Citrix PG - type name displays "Other" (APM-177488)
  • Remove beta from AIX oneAgent install page (APM-179761)
  • Hypervisor Details page - "Smartscape view" button sometimes is moved to context menu (APM-177023)
  • New Technology overview: inconsistent wording of custom device groups (group vs. process group) (APM-177094)
  • Technologies Overview page is empty (APM-177491)
  • Issue with downloading oneAgent version 1.167.176 when global settings have a different standard version (APM-177642)
  • [Technologies] TDP after expanding a process (Cannot read property 'Rfc' of undefined) (APM-177697)
  • [Technology] No processes listed after drilling down from CF dashboard (APM-178026)
  • SmartScape - Azure VM link leads to Azure Dashboard (APM-178831)
  • [DB] [B] Investigate high number of queried host instances in StartScreenTileStateProvider (APM-178685)
  • AWS Relational Database Services Connections metric is unusable (APM-178756)
  • Docker images and services tables - broken tab header. (APM-178829)
  • Duplicate AWS credentials (APM-178788)
  • Technology tiles not longer marked as affected (APM-178902)
  • Monitoring overview filter suggestions missing timeframe (APM-179029)
  • Deployment REST API (/agents) returns 500 in some cases (APM-179035)
  • PHP NG always presented as OFF on global settings page (APM-179535)
  • MZ for AWS instances- Dashboard tile do not react of MZ limitations (APM-179766)
  • MZ for AWS instances – AWS account list is empty for limited data (APM-179767)
  • MZ for AWS instances – Access to EC2 instances not blocked (APM-179769)
  • Network overview always says that no network is monitored (APM-179887)
  • NotExistingCredentialsLabelValidator mixes tenants (APM-180296)
  • Monitored technologies: "PHP" (Service insights) switch was turned off after cluster update from 1.170 to 1.171 (APM-180515)
  • Two other validators mix tenants (APM-180833)
  • OneAgent updates: Manually triggering OneAgent update (via webUI) doesn't have an effect (to update to Agent 1.171.x) (APM-180937)
  • Fixed issue regarding missing edit option for synthetic monitors (APM-177224)
  • Fixed issue where cursor used to jump to end of line when editing recorded clickpath events (APM-178392)
  • Synthetic Problem Root Cause Link is Broken (APM-177201)
  • Alerting profile: Adding tags is very slow, and configuration fails to save (APM-177971)
  • relativeTime=month does not return full moth for problems API (APM-177293)
  • Stored XSS at https://qry59703.sprint.dynatracelabs.com/#settings/integration/notification;gf=all (APM-177867)
  • Notifications not being sent according to severity rules in alerting profile (APM-179346)
  • {6.4} Editing and deleting Api token of other users. (APM-179025)
  • Symbolication Service: improved support for 3rd party library symbols (APM-177498)
  • Monitoring via browser extension view incorrectly shows "Waiting for user actions" (APM-179321)
  • Cannot tranfer Application data via transfer button to an existing Application (APM-179305)
  • Improved user session tagging (APM-177162)
  • Minor improvements for the applications/web rest API (APM-177972)
  • Cannot download file via Configuration REST API (APM-176858)
  • Agent Communication Heath Check: remove multiline entry in feature log (APM-179283)
  • Custom metrics licensing: Disable custom metrics overage if Mission Control is not reachable for more than one week (APM-179454)
  • Custom charting of imported appmon metrics doesn't work because of incorrect config handling (APM-177196)

User Interface

  • Opening URL of a deleted Dashboard leads first to LLSHBM page, and after refresh to TDP (APM-177367)
  • [Global search] Using two square brackets causes results corruption (hash spam) (APM-178997)


69 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 9
Session Replay 11
Cluster 43
User Interface 2