Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.171

New features and enhancements

Resolved issues

Code level analytics

  • Request naming rule: Fix "not exists" condition (APM-178060)
  • Transaction Storage: React faster to license changes (APM-178229)
  • Request Attributes: Align length limit for postprocessing test string in UI and backend algorithm (APM-179099)
  • Method hotspots show proper info when no data is available (APM-177690)
  • Service details: The response time distribution chart for service instances now properly handles missing data (APM-178149)
  • Misleading "Not enough disk space" notification when session replay is located on different disk than transaction storage. (APM-178444)
  • Minor UI issues on global request naming settings page (APM-180028)
  • Error detection is not order agnostic for multiple request attribute values (APM-181233)
  • Cloud provider information missing for database services (APM-181530)


  • Fixed validation for uploaded R8 mapping files. (APM-181073)
  • Fixed update of the USQL query in the url every time it is run. (APM-179901)
  • Fixed styling when USQL's pie chart legend labels are too large. (APM-179904)
  • Fixed ordering of USQL's pie chart categories to be descending. (APM-180263)

Session Replay

  • Some browsers are reporting negative coordinates for mouse clicks and scroll events. Sessions recorded under those circumstances can be replayed properly. (APM-178782)
  • Sessions recorded with previous versions could stop working after introducing management zones support for session replay. (APM-177380)
  • The sessions were closed suddenly preventing them from appearing in the session list. (APM-176997)
  • Replay events (mouse moves, clicks, ...) were not visible during session replay. (APM-181113)
  • SVG files loaded by the extension are not being displayed (APM-179500)
  • Playback of inline SVG trees will execute their <script> nodes (APM-180404)
  • Accessing Session Replay site from IE gives a TDP (APM-183687)
  • Scroll position may be misplaced after jumping to a point in the timeline (APM-180354)
  • HTTP resources linked from stylesheets not properly retrieved at replay (APM-180578)
  • Pointers for errors and annoyances not painted correctly in the timeline (APM-181326)
  • Pointers for load events in the timeline are misplaced on top of user interactions (APM-182221)


  • Citrix PG - type name displays "Other" (APM-177488)
  • Remove beta from AIX oneAgent install page (APM-179761)
  • Hypervisor Details page - "Smartscape view" button sometimes is moved to context menu (APM-177023)
  • New Technology overview: inconsistent wording of custom device groups (group vs. process group) (APM-177094)
  • Technologies Overview page is empty (APM-177491)
  • Issue with downloading oneAgent version 1.167.176 when global settings have a different standard version (APM-177642)
  • [Technologies] TDP after expanding a process (Cannot read property 'Rfc' of undefined) (APM-177697)
  • [Technology] No processes listed after drilling down from CF dashboard (APM-178026)
  • SmartScape - Azure VM link leads to Azure Dashboard (APM-178831)
  • [DB] [B] Investigate high number of queried host instances in StartScreenTileStateProvider (APM-178685)
  • AWS Relational Database Services Connections metric is unusable (APM-178756)
  • Docker images and services tables - broken tab header. (APM-178829)
  • Duplicate AWS credentials (APM-178788)
  • Technology tiles not longer marked as affected (APM-178902)
  • Monitoring overview filter suggestions missing timeframe (APM-179029)
  • Deployment REST API (/agents) returns 500 in some cases (APM-179035)
  • PHP NG always presented as OFF on global settings page (APM-179535)
  • MZ for AWS instances- Dashboard tile do not react of MZ limitations (APM-179766)
  • MZ for AWS instances – AWS account list is empty for limited data (APM-179767)
  • MZ for AWS instances – Access to EC2 instances not blocked (APM-179769)
  • Network overview always says that no network is monitored (APM-179887)
  • NotExistingCredentialsLabelValidator mixes tenants (APM-180296)
  • Monitored technologies: "PHP" (Service insights) switch was turned off after cluster update from 1.170 to 1.171 (APM-180515)
  • Two other validators mix tenants (APM-180833)
  • OneAgent updates: Manually triggering OneAgent update (via webUI) doesn't have an effect (to update to Agent 1.171.x) (APM-180937)
  • HTTP monitor indicates availability issue instead of performance threshold (APM-174306)
  • Synthetic Http Monitor Request body change does not trigger Save Button (APM-177637)
  • While HTTP monitor configuration can not delete all headers from a request (APM-178239)
  • Fixed issue regarding missing edit option for synthetic monitors (APM-177224)
  • Fixed issue where cursor used to jump to end of line when editing recorded clickpath events (APM-178392)
  • Synthetic Problem Root Cause Link is Broken (APM-177201)
  • Alerting profile: Adding tags is very slow, and configuration fails to save (APM-177971)
  • relativeTime=month does not return full moth for problems API (APM-177293)
  • Stored XSS at https://qry59703.sprint.dynatracelabs.com/#settings/integration/notification;gf=all (APM-177867)
  • Notifications not being sent according to severity rules in alerting profile (APM-179346)
  • {6.4} Editing and deleting Api token of other users. (APM-179025)
  • Symbolication Service: improved support for 3rd party library symbols (APM-177498)
  • Monitoring via browser extension view incorrectly shows "Waiting for user actions" (APM-179321)
  • Cannot tranfer Application data via transfer button to an existing Application (APM-179305)
  • Improved user session tagging (APM-177162)
  • Minor improvements for the applications/web rest API (APM-177972)
  • Cannot download file via Configuration REST API (APM-176858)
  • Agent Communication Heath Check: remove multiline entry in feature log (APM-179283)
  • Custom metrics licensing: Disable custom metrics overage if Mission Control is not reachable for more than one week (APM-179454)
  • Custom charting of imported appmon metrics doesn't work because of incorrect config handling (APM-177196)

User Interface

  • Opening URL of a deleted Dashboard leads first to LLSHBM page, and after refresh to TDP (APM-177367)
  • [Global search] Using two square brackets causes results corruption (hash spam) (APM-178997)


  • Can create synthetic with cluster license set to 0 (APM-174902)


72 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
Code level analytics 9
Session Replay 11
Cluster 45
User Interface 2