OneAgent release notes version 1.177



  • Added support for .NET Core 3.0 for Linux (x86), Windows (x86)


  • Added support for mssql 5.x


Current support changes

Current OneAgent support changes

OneAgent 1.177 will be the last OneAgent version that supports the following technologies

  • .NET Core 1.0, 1.1
    • The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2019-06-27

Upcoming support changes

Upcoming OneAgent support changes

OneAgent 1.179 will be the last OneAgent version that supports the following technologies

  • Node.js 6
    • The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2019-04-30

OneAgent 1.181 will be the last OneAgent version that supports the following technologies

  • PHP 5.6
    • The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2018-12-31

OneAgent 1.183 will be the last OneAgent version that supports the following technologies

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server/Java 8.0
    • The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2018-04-31

General improvements


Starting with OneAgent 1.177, WebSphere Application Servers will be detected as distinct process instances, even when multiple cluster members (JVMs) of the same cluster run on the same host. This change doesn't impact the composition of process groups or services and can be overriden as shown in Adapt the composition of default process groups.

Cloud platform support


  • Dynatrace integration of Azure Monitor now allows the consumption of Azure Alerts via webhooks. Alerts are automatically translated into events, which can be either problem-raising events or informational events. Make use of Azure Monitor capabilties such as metric alerts or activity log alerts to add even more details.


  • OneAgent Operator version 0.4.1 and 0.4.2 release includes bugfixes for automatic configuration of Istio.
  • Dynatrace fully supports vanilla Kubernetes 1.16 clusters with underlying Docker, containerd, and CRI-O container runtimes on Linux. Support for Kubernetes 1.16 requires OneAgent Operator v0.4.2 or higher.
  • Redirects of requests to Kubernetes configuration API will be removed with 1.181.

Cloud Foundry

  • The Dynatrace API provides an immutable full BOSH release for rolling out full-stack monitoring for any BOSH managed Linux VMs, including Cloud Foundry. This BOSH release contains and ships with OneAgent. It supplements the (still) fully supported bootstrapping BOSH release in our GitHub repository. More information is available in the Dynatrace help documentation for the OneAgent BOSH release.
  • Dynatrace now also supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry PAS version 2.7. For details refer to the Dynatrace support model for full-stack PCF PAS monitoring.

Support changes

  • PCF PAS version 2.3.x (End of general support by Pivotal in August 2019). OneAgent version 1.179 is the last version that supports PCF version 2.3.x.
  • PCF PAS version 2.4.x (last version 1.181)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 and lower (end of maintenance support by Red Hat ended in July 2019). OneAgent version 1.179 is the last version that supports OpenShift 3.7.
  • Red Hat OpenShift 3.9 & 3.10 will nolonger be supported by OneAgent version 1.183
  • Kubernetes versions 1.9 or lower are nolonger actively maintained by the K8s community. The major public cloud providers offer managed Kubernetes 1.10 and higher. OneAgent version 1.179 is the last version that supports Kubernetes 1.9.

Resolved issues

Critical issues


  • Fixed an issue with the jquery module to better handle double wrapped jquery (ONE-28625)

Other issues


  • Improved handling of OS notifications (APM-199158)
  • Fix storage of HTTP headers in cUrl sensor in PHP NG oneagent (APM-191306)
  • MetricGroup field added in plugin sdk examples (APM-190867)
  • Data gathering for plugin SDK demo application launched with plugin_sdk script (APM-193085)
  • Ocasional plugin libraries import error is fixed (APM-196927)

OneAgent Installer

  • Installer failed to set proper permissions if getent command was not available (APM-191937)
  • OneAgent MSI .TMP files are now properly removed from %WINDIR%\Installer (APM-193491)
  • Logging information produced on OneAgent service startup failure was improved (APM-195523)
  • Fixed SELinux compatibility issue on RHEL 8 and CentOS 8 (APM-199800)

All modules

  • Resolved memory leak in os agent with processes where the environment exceeds 32KiB. (ONE-28050)
  • Failing garden detection could result in unmonitored Cloud Foundry containers. (ONE-27588)
  • Resolved incompatibility with Zend Guard when used with multiple openssl versions. (ONE-28248)
  • Reduced dependencies on the /proc filesystem for AIX, allowing injection for processes that can not access their proc entries from their process. (ONE-28674)
  • Addressed bug that could cause empty process group names for Apache Tomcat processes on Windows. (ONE-28887)
  • Fixed unknown host issue for Google Cloud Platform's private cluster, where no public IP address is available. (ONE-27959)
  • The calculation of the sockets is now performed by the number of processor entries and by checking if the system is hyperthreaded. (ONE-28099)
  • fixed problem with inheriting stack size from php instances on windows x86 (ONE-28272)


  • Dynamic loading of libraries could cause a crash of monitored processes on Solaris. (ONE-27872)
  • Creation for JMX/PMI plugin for WebSphere AS on Solaris fails (ONE-28081)
  • Ambient sampling may introduce high overhead in app with large number of threads (ONE-27903)
  • ConcurrentModificationException in JDBC sensor causing memory leak and missing JDBC nodes (ONE-27664)
  • HTTPS request for JS agent causing NullPointerException on Websphere 9.0 (ONE-27613)
  • Java Real user monitoring v2 leads to 30s delays on Weblogic (ONE-27564)
  • Same database statement appears as 'SQL Modifications' and 'SQL Queries and Procedures' (ONE-26436)


  • The .NET Instrumentation Cache feature may caused failing request when used in an Azure App Service. (ONE-27682)
  • The host was not captured correctly for outgoing HTTP requests, when HttpClient.BaseAddress with relative URLs was used. (ONE-28414)
  • The WCF sensor might trigger an exception, when custom WCF channels are used. (ONE-28587)


  • Processing http headers of outgoing requests was not working since Node.js 12.9.0 (ONE-28125)
  • Race race condition in UemSensor fixed, causing occasional Agent crashes (ONE-28464)
  • Context passing to callbacks passed as argument to SDK tracers was not working (ONE-28554)
  • fs.writev added in 12.9.0 was not instrumented (ONE-28858)
  • Node.js Core File System sensor (fs) conflicted with "thenify" module (ONE-28988)


  • Fixing wrong pattern in log entry which might crash phpagent (ONE-28052)
  • fixing crash for external php extension which are evaluating php code during module initialization (ONE-27940)
  • Fixed memory leak when PHP exceptions are thrown (APM-193622)
  • Custom Services endswith criteria for filename fixed (ONE-28170)


  • Avoid creating a separate Dynatrace service for each method of a gRPC service (ONE-27279)
  • Fixed potential Agent crash caused by web request sensor (ONE-27705)


  • Fixed an issue with the fetch module to handle overridden window.Request properties correctly (ONE-28224)
  • Fixed an issue with the XMLHttpRequest module that occurred, when setRequestHeader was called with an undefined header name (ONE-28118)


  • NGINX Plus metrics not working if proxy_cache_path defined without max_size (ONE-28140)

Logging module

  • Improved handling of rotated files (APM-195706)

Mobile ADK

  • Xamarin: fixed potential deadlock (ONE-27249)
  • Cordova Plugin: improved detection of iOS Info.plist file during build (ONE-27581)
  • Android Agent: fixed reader resource not closed (ONE-27807)
  • Android Agent: Improved auto user action handling (ONE-28126)
  • Android Agent: Improved thread handling in agent shutdown (ONE-28171)
  • iOS Agent: made request linking independent from threadId (ONE-27960)
  • iOS Agent: resolved zip library symbol clash (ONE-28134)

Plugin module

  • Token is hidden in Plugin SDK console output (APM-193526)

Agent Build 2.0

  • Agent loader prevents Apache graceful restarts on AIX and solaris-x86 (ONE-28929)


  • This fix provides a detection for the PaaS type Openshift for the new Openshift version 4.1. Without this fix Kubernetes was detected instead. (APM-193995)

Session Replay

  • Sampling the collection of Session Replay performance beacons (ONE-27673)
  • Fixed an exception occurring on browsers not supporting session recording, when attempting to initialize a 'Set' instance (ONE-28120)


  • Synthetic module installer must not alter sysctl settings (APM-182022)
  • Synthetic monitor execution not recovering after temporary Beacon Forwarder unavailability or misconfiguration of Cluster Active Gate's URL (APM-190345)
  • "Unknown" browser type reported on Windows Active Gates (APM-191247)


58 total resolved issues

Component Resolved issues
General 5
OneAgent Installer 4
All modules 8
Java 7
.NET 3
Node.js 5
Go 2
JavaScript 3
Logging module 1
Mobile ADK 7
Plugin module 1
Agent Build 2.0 1
Cluster 1
Session Replay 2
Synthetic 3