Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.222

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements


  • Cluster Management Console navigation menu style was adapted to match the new Dynatrace menu style. Read more about it in the new Dynatrace menu page

  • Dynatrace Managed is now also supported on CentOS 8 Stream

  • Dynatrace Managed can now be easily installed in environments with SELinux enabled - both permissive or enforcing modes. The installer will automatically discover the operating system mode and adjust its configuration. To make it work, additional semanage (SELinux Policy Management tool) package has to be installed in your system. See Enable or disable SELinux for more details.

Resolved issues

Cluster Managed (Build 1.222.83)

42 total resolved issues (3 vulnerabilities)

Component Resolved issues
ActiveGate 6 (3 vulnerability)
Cloud automation solution 1
Cluster 31
Cluster Management Console 4


  • Vulnerability: Hibernate Validator libraries have been updated in response to CVE-2020-10693, CVE-2019-10219. (APM-306220)
  • Vulnerability: Commons IO libraries have been updated in response to CVE-2021-29425. (APM-306218)
  • Fixed rare issue that caused OneAgent extension for AWS Lambda to receive incorrect 401 response during ActiveGate startup. (APM-310206)
  • AIX wait (idle) process is no longer displayed in web UI. (APM-306454)
  • ActiveGate SELinux module is loaded in "enforcing" and "permissive" mode on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and CentOS Linux 8 if any custom installation directory is used (INSTALL=, CONFIG=,..). Additionally, the following commands are required: `selinuxenabled`, `semanage`, `restorecon`, `semodule`, `getenforce`, and `realpath` or `readlink`. (APM-307194)
  • Vulnerability: Eclipse Jersey libraries have been updated in response to CVE-2021-28168. (APM-307879)

Cloud automation solution

  • It is now possible to create an SLO for a non-existing monitoring entity. (APM-311173)


  • On the "User sessions" page, the "Apply filters" button is now hidden unless a filter is selected, but the banner is still visible in the mobile view to enable users to select the "Back" button. (APM-306154)
  • Fixed an issue in which the page scrolled down when selecting a category on the "User sessions" page. (APM-306153)
  • Fixed the order of dimensions in dashboard tiles and "Data explorer" charts. (APM-307926)
  • Fixed an issue in which navigation from a dashboard to the Data explorer resulted in a 400 error. (APM-310542)
  • Fixed annotations for auto-update jobs API documentation. (APM-304750)
  • User-related filters are now removed when navigating from "User sessions" page to user details page or session details page. (APM-307692)
  • Fixed an issue in which StatsD disabled itself on the host after some minutes. (APM-314325)
  • Renamed `message` field in Extensions 2.0 event response object to `content`. (APM-307881)
  • Fixed overly strict permissions for the `Key user action` dashboard tile. (APM-308345)
  • Clarified text of Trello integration page. (APM-307954)
  • Fixed an issue in which the screen orientation for the "User sessions query" page was always portrait for mobile apps. (APM-305278)
  • Reports now consider the setting for excluding periods with maintenance windows from availability calculation. Previously, maintenance windows would always be excluded from availability in reports. (APM-307508)
  • The number of recipients for an email integration configuration has been limited to 50. (APM-310589)
  • Fixed the issue in which private synthetic locations number was not counted while checking condition to display validation message. (APM-310102)
  • Improved correlation of redirected web requests to RUM user actions. (APM-310820)
  • Calculated service metrics REST API Regex validator now uses the correct restrictions. (APM-307861)
  • Fixed an issue with encoding `actionName` in RUM JavaScript API (colon was replaced with "^s"). (APM-312109)
  • Resolved an issue with missing PurePath link in the waterfall. (APM-307325)
  • Fixed an issue in which breadcrumbs of an entity details page crashed after selecting in the legacy Edge application. (APM-310251)
  • Resolved issue in which, when the availability state of a process group instance changed several times within a minute, only the first unavailable state triggered an FDI alert. Now other unavailable states should also trigger an FDI alert. (APM-306239)
  • Fixed an issue in which the preview for request attributes crashed on certain post-processing inputs that resulted in a non-match. (APM-309646)
  • Improved `Live user activity` dashboard tile handling of management zone filters. (APM-308596)
  • Fixed incorrect download link for OneAgent and ActiveGate in Dynatrace Managed. (APM-302999)
  • Fixed an issue in which users with only one management zone permission couldn't create calculated metrics for web applications. (APM-309322)
  • Added missing availability average to "All locations" tooltip for Synthetic monitors. (APM-308761)
  • Fixed an issue in which renaming a monitored entity via the web UI caused the entity to appear in recent timeframes that don't align with the entity's last monitored timestamp. (APM-309793)
  • Multiple v2 REST APIs: resolved issue in which incorrect handling of special characters in `nextPageKey` caused an `Invalid pagination key` error. (APM-313173)
  • Improved how JavaScript API based user session and user action properties are specified. (APM-305707)
  • Resolved issue in which members of a user group could not pin Data explorer charts to dashboards shared with edit rights to that user group. (APM-310207)
  • Fixed an issue in which the validation didn't run while uploading a JSON to dashboard JSON editor. (APM-310205)
  • Resolved issue in which DDU pool was not disabled/re-enabled, and notification was not updated, if pool limit was configured and consumption was greater than 21,474,836.47 in limit timeframe (month/year). (APM-314053)

Cluster Management Console

  • Increased request size accepted by cluster in FedRAMP deployments to 65 MB. (APM-308278)
  • Resolved problem with fixed AVG aggregation for key metrics coming from remote plugins on Custom Device Group charts. (APM-305007)
  • Notification email about an available server upgrade is now sent only once for each version, even if it couldn't be sent to some recipients on the list. (APM-311851)
  • Resolved problem with invalid token for password change being stored in logs. (APM-308898)