Dynatrace Cloud Automation release notes version 228.1.0

Rollout date: 27 September 2021

Dynatrace Cloud Automation version 228.1.0 is based on:

New features and enhancements

Keptn 0.9.x

  • Advanced sequence handling with options to pause, resume, or abort task sequences.
  • Improved UX: creating and deleting projects is now possible in the Cloud Automation bridge. Additionally, cross-linking elements have been added to components for optimizing user flows.
  • Improved error handling and troubleshooting.

Dynatrace service 0.17.x

  • Dynatrace service version 0.17.x absorbs the functionality of the dynatrace-sli-service (363)


  • Enhanced Cloud Automation bridge sign-in experience through improved error messages

Resolved issues

  • The bridge allows deletion of any secret (4622)
  • The secrets list is updated after deleting a secret (4633),(4660)
  • The bridge server returns correct http-status-codes (4658)
  • The service evaluation page in the bridge refreshes at every data poll (4491)
  • Logs and error handling have been improved in lighthouse-service, shipyard-controller, and dynatrace-service (5088), (5130), (5170), (5132), (470), (460)

Potential Action Required: Update sli.yaml to remove unsupported merge(0)

The merge() transformation with an index parameter, which has been deprecated for a while, is fully retired starting with the Dynatrace version 1.227 API update and is no longer supported.

The latest update of Cloud Automation will adhere to this by using merge("dimensionname")—for example, merge("dt.entity.service")—when parsing an SLO dashboard.

However, if you use your own custom sli.yaml files with custom metrics queries, you need to update your queries to use a dimension name, not an index, in the merge transformation function.