Dynatrace supports VMware, a widely used virtualization solution that makes it possible to partition a single physical server into multiple virtual machines.

The virtualization performance insights that Dynatrace provides tell you how the virtual machines in your environment affect the performance of your applications and services. Once you include virtualization in your Dynatrace performance monitoring, you gain insight into your complete infrastructure stack and its behavior. Your understanding of the performance and operation of your data center increases because you see the relationships between components such as ESXi hosts and, within large deployments, your vCenter platform as a whole.

Dynatrace collects information related to virtualized CPU usage, memory consumption, and storage related activities. It also collects data about events such as virtual machine migrations (vMotion) and the creation of new virtual machines. Armed with such information you might learn, for example, that CPU saturation on one of your ESXi hosts is causing performance degradation in your application.