Amazon EventBridge

Dynatrace ingests metrics for multiple preselected namespaces, including Amazon EventBridge. You can view graphs per service instance, with a set of dimensions, and create custom graphs that you can pin to your dashboards.


To enable monitoring for this service, you need

Add the service to monitoring

In order to view the service metrics, you must add the service to monitoring in your Dynatrace environment.

Configure service metrics

Once you add a service, Dynatrace starts automatically collecting a suite of metrics for this particular service. These are recommended metrics.

Recommended metrics:

  • Are enabled by default
  • Can't be disabled
  • Can have recommended dimensions (enabled by default, can't be disabled)
  • Can have optional dimensions (disabled by default, can be enabled)

Apart from the recommended metrics, most services have the possibility of enabling optional metrics.

Optional metrics:

  • Can be added and configured manually

The Amazon EventBridge service is made up of one or multiple event buses. There is a default event bus, with service-wide metrics, and you can optionally create additional event buses called custom event buses.
The default event bus metrics can be viewed in the Further details section of the custom device group overview page. If you create additional event buses, the custom event bus metrics will show up in the Further details section of the custom device overview page.

Import preset dashboards

Dynatrace provides preset AWS dashboards that you can import from GitHub to your environment's dashboard page. Once you download a preset dashboard locally, there are two ways to import it.


Available metrics

Name Description Unit Statistics Dimensions Recommended
DeadLetterInvocations The number of times a rule’s target is not invoked in response to an event Count Sum EventBusName, RuleName ✔️
DeadLetterInvocations Count Sum Region, RuleName ✔️
DeadLetterInvocations Count Sum Region ✔️
FailedInvocations The number of invocations that failed permanently Count Sum EventBusName, RuleName ✔️
FailedInvocations Count Sum Region, RuleName ✔️
FailedInvocations Count Sum Region ✔️
Invocations The number of times a target is invoked for a rule in response to an event Count Sum EventBusName, RuleName ✔️
Invocations Count Sum Region, RuleName ✔️
Invocations Count Sum Region ✔️
MatchedEvents The number of events that matched with any rule Count Sum Region ✔️
ThrottledRules The number of triggered rules that are being throttled Count Sum EventBusName, RuleName ✔️
ThrottledRules Count Sum Region, RuleName ✔️
ThrottledRules Count Sum Region ✔️
TriggeredRules The number of triggered rules that matched with any event Count Sum EventBusName, RuleName ✔️
TriggeredRules Count Sum Region, RuleName ✔️
TriggeredRules Count Sum Region ✔️


Amazon EventBridge sends Invocations metrics to CloudWatch only if it has a non-zero value. For more information, see AWS documentation.