Deploy OneAgent on AWS Fargate

For AWS Fargate, monitoring consumption is based on host units. See Serverless monitoring for details.

To deploy OneAgent on AWS Fargate, read the instructions provided below.


Integrate OneAgent into your application image

There are three ways to integrate OneAgent with AWS Fargate applications:

  • Automatic injection, for EKS only, manages upgrades and lifecycle.
  • Build-time injection, for both ECS and EKS, embeds OneAgent in your container image.
  • Runtime injection, for ECS only, pulls OneAgent when the container starts.

Note: The runtime approach requires Fargate versions 1.3+. For earlier versions, select the build-time approach.

Configure network zones optional

You can configure network zones as an environment variable:

  • DT_NETWORK_ZONE: equals

See network zones for more information.