Supported PHP versions

The different PHP versions have support timelines defined by PHP. Please refer to Supported PHP versions at to see which versions are currently supported by PHP and when end of support for each version is planned.

  • Deprecated versions don't receive updates or security patches, so running them in production should be avoided.
  • Dynatrace is committed to supporting each PHP version for at least as long as the vendor supports it (in most cases, support extends for at least six months beyond this point).

PHP version Vendor released Vendor End of life Supported by Dynatrace until First supported OneAgent Version Last supported OneAgent Version
5.3 2009-06-30 2016-07-21 2018-11-30 1.135
5.4 2012-03-01 2015-09-03 2018-11-30 1.135
5.5 2013-06-20 2016-07-21 2018-11-30 1.135
5.6 2014-08-28 2018-12-31 2019-11-30 1.181
7.0 2015-12-03 2018-12-03 2020-04-30 1.189
7.1 2016-12-01 2019-12-01
7.2 2017-11-30 2020-11-30
7.3 2018-12-06 2021-12-06 1.169
7.4 2019-11-28 2021-12-06 1.179

When OneAgent detects an unsupported PHP version, we exclude it from monitoring and display a warning in the process overview page:

  Activation of deep monitoring was unsuccessful
  Process version is not supported

PHP Monitoring Process version not supported

We also write the message to the error logs on the host machine.

See the environments and versions that Dynatrace supports in conjunction with PHP and the PHP supported versions.

Support for PHP 7.3

Starting with OneAgent version 1.161, you can monitor PHP version 7.3

To enable PHP 7.3 monitoring in Dynatrace, go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies and toggle the PHP 7.3 (Beta) switch to the On position.