Deploy OneAgent using AWS Systems Manager Distributor

With the AWS Systems Manager Distributor you can distribute and automatically deploy OneAgent on your EC2 instances using the AWS Systems Manager Distributor.


Before you start deploying the DynatraceOneAgent distributor package, make sure your Amazon EC2 instances meet the following prerequisites:

AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager must be set up for your AWS account and AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) must be installed on the EC2 instances where you want to deploy DynatraceOneAgent distributor package. Follow the AWS Systems Manager Quick Setup or more comprehensive Setting up AWS Systems Manager.

Supported operating systems

The DynatraceOneAgent distributor package is supported on the following operating systems:

Operating system Version Architecture
Windows All OneAgent supported versions x86-64,
Amazon Linux All OneAgent supported versions x86-64, ARM64 (AArch641)
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 x86-64, ARM64 (AArch641)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x x86-64
SUSE Enterprise Linux 15.x x86-64, ARM64 (AArch641)

1 Support for ARM64 architecture, including AWS Graviton processors, is in Early Adopter release.


Dynatrace OneAgent distributor package requires Wget installed on your Linux-based instance. If there's no Wget installed on your instance, the OneAgent distributor package will install it for you automatically. Wget is necessary to download the latest OneAgent version.


Deploying OneAgent using AWS Systems Manager Distributor is currently not supported if you set Dynatrace Managed Cluster as the SSM_DYNATRACE_URL parameter value.


To install the DynatraceOneAgent distributor package

  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console.

  2. In the navigation pane, select Distributor.

  3. On the Distributor page, select Third party and select the DynatraceOneAgent package.

  4. Select the installation mode. You can install or update the DynatraceOneAgent package one time or schedule the installation. For detailed information on installing the Distributor packages, see AWS Systems Manager Distributor documentation.

  5. Configure the DynatraceOneAgent package installation. Add the parameters to the Additional Arguments field of the Systems Manager Run Command.

    • required Configure the OneAgent communication endpoint, for example your Dynatrace environment using the SSM_DYNATRACE_URL parameter. Note that the URL must end with a trailing slash, for example
    • required Configure the PaaS token using the SSM_DYNATRACE_TOKEN parameter.
    • optional Assign the host to a host group using SSM_DYNATRACE_HOST_GROUP parameter.
    • optional Enable infrastructure monitoring mode using SSM_DYNATRACE_INFRA_ONLY parameter.
    • optional Disable Log Monitoring using SSM_DYNATRACE_APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS parameter.

    Use the following format:

    "SSM_DYNATRACE_TOKEN" : "abcdefghij123456",
    "SSM_DYNATRACE_HOST_GROUP" : "my_host_group",
  6. Verify the installation.

    • After you run the installation, check the progress in the Command status area. When you see the Success status it means the installation was successful.
    • Switch to Dynatrace and select Deployment status from the navigation menu. Search for recently connected EC2 hosts to verify the result of the installation.

Installation parameters

The DynatraceOneAgent distributor package provides a number of Dynatrace-specific parameters that map directly to the following OneAgent installation parameters. Learn more about customizing OneAgent installation on Linux and Windows.

Distributor parameter Maps to OneAgent parameter Default value description
SSM_DYNATRACE_URL --set-server environment specific The address of the OneAgent communication endpoint, which is a Dynatrace component that OneAgent sends data to. Depending on your deployment, it can be a Dynatrace SaaS cluster or an ActiveGate. Dynatrace Managed Cluster is currently not supported. Note: Make sure you add trailing slash at the end of URL, for example
SSM_DYNATRACE_TOKEN N/A N/A The PaaS token used to download OneAgent installer.
SSM_DYNATRACE_HOST_GROUP --set-host-group unset The name of a host group you want to assign the host to.
SSM_DYNATRACE_INFRA_ONLY --set-infra-only false Activates Infrastructure Monitoring mode, in place of Full-Stack Monitoring mode. With this approach, you receive infrastructure-only health data, with no application or user performance data.
SSM_DYNATRACE_APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS --set-app-log-content-access true When set to true, allows OneAgent to access log files for the purpose of Log Monitoring.