ServiceNow integration

For ServiceNow, Dynatrace offers:

  • Incident integration
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) integration via ServiceNow-provided application
  • Events integration

To connect your Dynatrace monitoring environment to your ServiceNow instance, configuration is required both on the ServiceNow instance and in the Dynatrace web UI.

Once you configure Dynatrace Incident Integration, Dynatrace automatically creates an incident within your ServiceNow instance for every auto-discovered problem.

How it works
Dynatrace Incident Integration pushes incidents from your Dynatrace environment to your ServiceNow instance.

Configuration in ServiceNow

  1. Go to Dynatrace Incident Integration page in the ServiceNow Store and select Get to install Dynatrace Incident Integration in your ServiceNow instance.

  2. Follow the Guided Setup for an initial configuration of the application.


  3. After the application is installed, go to the new Dynatrace Incident Integration menu on your ServiceNow instance to further configure (Setup, Settings) and explore (Problems, ServiceNow Incidents) the application.


  4. Use the Transform Map module to transform the incoming Dynatrace data in the Problems import set table into an Incident table. The Problems import set table automatically transforms any incoming Dynatrace detected problem into an incident within the ServiceNow incident table.


Configuration in Dynatrace

After installing and configuring Dynatrace integration on the ServiceNow side, switch over to your Dynatrace environment.

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings and select Integration > Problem notifications.

  2. Select Add notification.

  3. Select ServiceNow from the available notification types.

  4. Enter the requested information as described on the Problem notifications page.


    The Available placeholders section of the configuration page lists placeholders you can use in the Description field to customize the text message associated with the problem notification. Placeholders are automatically replaced with problem-related information.

  5. Turn on Send incidents into ServiceNow ITSM.

  6. Select Send test notification to make sure your ServiceNow integration is working.

  7. Save changes.


  • After configuring the application on both sides, problem notifications are pushed from Dynatrace to your ServiceNow instance.


  • The Scripted REST APIs module is the entry point of the Dynatrace information into ServiceNow. It pushes the data into the Problems import set table.


  • The Problems import set table automatically transforms any incoming Dynatrace-detected problem into an incident within the ServiceNow incident table.


  • When a problem is closed in Dynatrace, the incident is marked as Resolved in ServiceNow.
  • Incident Integration flow: