How are individual databases monitored?

Each database page lists the most important metrics for that database. From here you can analyze response time or load details by clicking the link in the measurement section.

Access database performance details

From your home dashboard, click the Databases tile. This takes you to the Server-side services page which lists all the database services in your environment.
If necessary, you can use the Database filter on the Services page to narrow down the list of database services.

Analyze database performance

Click database metrics like Response Time, Load or Failure Rate in the infographic to see how these performance metrics are distributed over time.

Investigate database response time in relation to load. Detail for the previous week is also available.

To see which services make calls to this database, click the Services area of the infographic.

Client services that call this database.

Analyze response time of database statements

On each database page you'll find statistics related to database statements and messages regarding events related to this database. Use the statement links (for example, Query or Commit) to analyze response time for these detected statements.

Each database page includes SQL statement statistics, plus related problems, dependencies, and errors.

Click Analyze database activity to see how often each client service contacts this database and what the results of these contacts are. You can then determine which of your services has the greatest impact on this database's performance. You can even see the specific database statements that each service makes. Click a service name in the list above to filter the statement list.

An example of database activity analysis where Dynatrace shows time values for all services calling the database. You can see that which service induces the heaviest load on the database (most statements per minute), and which one makes the most requests per minute. You instantly see which database statement takes the longest time to execute and if it's called often or not.

Database activity in Dynatrace is more than just tracking all SQL statements executed by a service. We also know how many rows are retrieved and how often an application makes a network roundtrip to the database to do so. We include the time this takes, the fetch time, into the response time calculation.