What's the difference between problems and events?


A "problem" in Dynatrace includes the AI-driven analysis, environmental context, root cause analysis, and other details provided for one or more incidents in your environment. Problems can express themselves in your environment as performance degradations, improper functionality, or lack of availability. A problem can be the result of a single "event" or multiple events.


An “event” reported by Dynatrace is a manual action performed in your environment. Examples include a machine reboot, system shutdown, process restart, or new code deployment. Any manual action you perform on a server is an event, even if it's a regularly scheduled event.

You'll find events listed in the Events section on each individual host, ESXi host and service page. An example of the Events section for an ESXi host is presented below.

Code deployment events

The deployment of new software code is one type of event tracked by Dynatrace. Such deployment events sometimes result in performance issues. Dynatrace identifies such issues by tracking all events, including deployment events, and correlating them with any discovered performance problems. If we notice a drop in performance immediately following the deployment of new code or a system restart, we will notify you and provide measurement comparisons of performance both before and after the deployment. Such information can be passed along to developers so that a software fix can be implemented.