How do I adjust anomaly detection for database services?

Dynatrace offers detailed anomaly-detection settings for database services. Dynatrace automatically learns the baseline reference values of all your database services and notifies you when response-time degradations occur or error rates increase. You can override automatic baselining and use your own fixed thresholds.

As the number of database service calls is typically much higher than the number of web service requests, and because database-service response times are on average faster than web service requests, Dynatrace uses tighter thresholds for the detection of database-service violations.

Configure anomaly detection

To configure anomaly detection settings for database services:

  1. Go to Settings > Anomaly detection > Database services.
    Anomaly detection - database services
  2. From the Detect response time degradations drop list, select automatically and set degradation values in the remaining fields. Violation of any criterion triggers an alert.
  3. To avoid over-alerting, define a requests/min rate below which a database service should be considered "low load." Services with lower load rates will be excluded from evaluation.
  4. From the Detect increases in failure rate drop list, select automatically.
  5. Set the percentage of failing service calls threshold (relative % and absolute %) above which alerts should be sent out. The Example beneath this setting shows you exactly how alert thresholds are calculated based on the input values.
  6. Enable the Detect failed database connects setting to receive alerts when the rate of failed database connects exceeds a certain number of failures within a specified time period.

Reference period

Dynatrace automatically generates performance baselines for your database services based on monitored performance during a recent reference period. The default reference period is the past 7 days.

If monitoring data detected during the reference period is no longer invalid (for example, if you've deployed a new version of your application that includes major changes, and you're now receiving a high number of alerts), click the Reset button to esbablish a new baseline. Dynatrace will purge the previous reference period and immediately begin collecting data for a new reference period.