Markdown tile

The Markdown tile enables you to display custom Markdown-formatted text on your dashboard. You can find Markdown documentation at

Type your text into the input field in the right-hand panel. A preview of the tile is immediately displayed.

The following Markdown features are supported:

  • Headings: You can use heading levels from H1 to H6. Markdown works in headings.
  • Emphasis: You can add bold using asterisks or underscores.
  • Lists: You can create numbered, or bulleted lists, and also create sub-list items.
  • Links: There are two ways to define a link:
    • An absolute URL.
    • An anchor to a Dynatrace page, for example, [Synthetic](#monitors;gf=all;gtf=l_2_HOURS). The URL of your environment will be prepended automatically. You can copy an anchor from your browser's address field.
  • Horizontal rules
  • Line breaks