How do I install Dynatrace OneAgent on AIX?

Follow the steps below to download and install Dynatrace OneAgent on AIX:

Click Copy to copy the wget command.

Log into your AIX host and execute the wget command.


  • The wget command isn't installed on AIX by default. Either install it or use an alternative means of downloading OneAgent.
  • If you receive an error while downloading OneAgent, install the required certificate by downloading the root CA file from Comodo and then concatenating the content of the CRT file to /var/ssl/cert.pem. You can alternatively skip the certificate check by adding the parameter --no-check-certificate.
  • If you plan to download Dynatrace OneAgent directly to a server, note that outdated or missing libraries (for example, CA certificates or OpenSSL) will prevent the installer from downloading. We use encrypted connections. OpenSSL is required to enable wget to access the server.

Once the download is complete, you can verify the signature by copying the command from the Verify signature text field, then pasting the command into your terminal window and executing it. Make sure your system is up to date, especially SSL and related certificate libraries.

Installation on AIX depends on the OneAgent version.

  • Copy the command that's provided in the And run the installer with root rights text field.

  • Paste the command into your terminal and execute it. Note that you’ll need root privileges. You'll need to make the script executable before you can run it. it as root. You can use su or sudo to run the installation script. To do this, type the following command into the directory where you downloaded the installation script.
    sudo /bin/sh

On AIX, Dynatrace supports deep monitoring for Java and Apache HTTP Server applications. This however requires some more configuration on AIX, which can be easily done both for single applications as well as shell-wide.

How to customize installation

AIX installer can be used with command line parameters when you can't use the default settings. Note that all parameters are optional.


OneAgent versions earlier than v1.137 and fallback

If your OneAgent is older than v1.137, or if you have problems with the unified monitoring approach, you can inject OneAgent manually.

Continue with finalization of OneAgent installation on AIX.