Manage user groups and permissions

In Dynatrace SaaS, select Account settings from the user profile menu in the upper-right to manage users and user groups.

  • License details - View license quotas & consumption details.
  • Contact information - Update your company info.
  • User management - Assign users to groups and invite new users. Assign permissions by assigning users to groups.
  • Group management - Assign permissions to groups. Group members inherit the permissions assigned to groups.
  • Single sign-on - Configure SSO user authentication.


You can assign a pre-defined set of permissions to a group. After a group is defined, you can add users to the group. Users inherit the permissions of the groups that they belong to. You can modify or create groups to suit your needs.


Dynatrace provides separate permissions for account and environment users. To get you started, Dynatrace provides a default set of editable groups. You can edit and adapt these default groups to fit your needs or you can create new groups.