Emergency contacts

Be sure to specify your Dynatrace emergency contacts. These email addresses will receive emergency notifications concerning your Dynatrace deployment.


To select emergency contacts in Dynatrace SaaS

  1. Select Account settings from the user menu.
  2. Go to Identity management > User management.
    • The Emergency contact column shows whether a user is already an emergency contact.
    • Sort by the Emergency contact column to see all current emergency contacts.
  3. Find a user that you want to set as an emergency contact.
  4. Select the edit button in the Edit column.
  5. Select Emergency contact.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Repeat this procedure from step 2 for each additional emergency contact that you want to select.

Note: You can also select Emergency contact when you invite a new user to Dynatrace.


To specify emergency contacts in Dynatrace Managed

  1. In the Cluster Management Console, go to Settings > Emails > Email notifications.
  2. On the Email notifications page, under Emergency notifications recipients, enter one or more email addresses separated by commas.
    These addresses will receive emergency notifications from the Dynatrace ONE team in the event of catastrophic cluster states or critical security vulnerabilities that must be addressed.
  3. Save your changes.