Scope and usage of services

As service landscapes can become quite complex, Dynatrace automatically categorizes services based on their dependencies to other entities like services or applications.

  • Entry points: These services represent the first touch of a transaction with a monitored server-side service and are the starting points of PurePaths on the server-side. Entry point services usually represent services on top of a monitored web server or public API. Services can have entry point transactions as well as transactions that orginate with other monitored components.

  • Used by applications: These services are called by web applications, mobile apps, or custom applications (i.e., all applications that are monitored with Real User Monitoring). All Used by applications services are also Entry point services.

  • External dependencies: These services represent outgoing calls to systems that aren't monitored with the current Dynatrace environment. There are two types of external dependencies:

    • Calls to public networks: These services represent outgoing calls that are resolved to a public IP address and are therefore usually outside of your company network. A call to a payment provider like is an example of an external dependency.

    • Calls to unmonitored hosts: These represent calls that resolve to a private (internal) IP address and are usually under the responsibility of your organization. Therefore dedicated monitoring of these dependencies with OneAgent, or via Custom device monitoring, is recommended to gain visibility into these parts of your environment.

  • Background activity: These services represent requests that are executed within background threads.

  • Internal only: These services are only called by other monitored services. Therefore these services don't behave as entry points and they don't have any direct relation to applications.

Note: The scope and usage of your services are dynamically detected states. For example, as soon as an Internal only service receives requests, that service is re-categorized as an Entry point service.