Transactions and services

Dynatrace monitors all of your application's services, processes, and infrastructure. By evaluating all such components collectively, Dynatrace is able to pinpoint exactly how each service contributes to the performance of your application. For example, in Java monitoring, Dynatrace sees your host, JVM, and processes as a whole. That's how we can easily discover garbage collection issues that affect the services running in a JVM. Also, Dynatrace can show you which of your web services is running on your Tomcat application server, for example, and how your Tomcat server's performance is affected by its host, or even your VMware vCenter server.

Dynatrace automatically detects and names server-side services of your applications based on basic properties of your application deployment and configuration.

Dynatrace visualizes the complexities of your application stack and delivery chain with Smartscape technology. In a Smartscape visualization, you can see which individual web page calls which specific web server, the application server that receives the resulting web requests, and where the resulting web request service calls are sent.

To provide you with a continuous view of service flows, Dynatrace uses the following means to track transactions across tiers:

  • x-dynatrace header for HTTP requests
  • dtdTraceTagInfo custom property for Java-based messaging services and messages produced by IIB/ACE placed in the MQRFH2/usr folder
  • A unique key for message queues (based on message properties)

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